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Yuyu Hakusho: The Problem of Hyouga

2012-08-28 02:14:10

I've been writing a story about Yukina as she has just entered the rest of the world, so obviously I have to deal with a lot of the worldbuilding that was left ambiguous in Togashi's work. I feel really bad for Hyouga/ the Ice World and the Koorime/ Ice maidens that inhabit it because people see them as one dimensional. It's more than that. They're not horrible people, just... ignorant. And afraid. There's legends of the Imiko/ forbidden child that would kill everyone in the village, but I suspect it's just that mostly because I think this "being born bad" is bullshit. Hiei turned out the way he did because he had been abandoned right at birth, without really experiencing and love- even self love as I suspect. But that's not to be disputed here. I also wrote a story in which he's a Soviet general that's an unfortunate borderline alcoholic and a schizophrenic. Yeah.

I compare their isolation and fear of the outside world to the worldview in the Cold War. Both sides were completely trying to shun each other. Fear because of the potential power. (Of course, it's more likely that Hyouga was based on Japan in their long period of isolation, which lasted until the 1850's I think? Don't quote me on that.) When you know nothing else, it stands to reason that you would accept that without question. Even if that something is what everyone else might consider wrong.

Again, not bringing up an ethical debate on the subjectivity of morals. That'll just get nowhere.

My biggest beef is how the Koorime have words that we have in fanfiction. I don't see why they would have the word for "husband" or "brother" in their language. I can see "boy" but not "son." There's no reason that they would have words for that in their culture. There is no English equivalent for the Russian phrase "Ni puha, ni ploho/ I cheru" because our culture doesn't have the same ideals for wishing someone luck.  (FYI basically "break a leg" literally translated it's "no down, no feather/ Go to hell." Refers to hunters looking for pheasants. Telling the first person to go to hell is to break the bad luck curse.) I would assume when discussing sons and brothers it would be more like "boy child/ boy daughter" and "boy sister" because that's just the best way to say it. But a culture without men would remove all related terms. I'm not sure about the Japanese language, but I would also assume that if there was a masculine form of nouns, that would all be replaced with feminine.

...Just some pet peeves, don't mind me.

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Lovecraft Anon Self Reference

2012-07-12 02:27:44

No real reason for this. Just so I won't have to keep searching... The names of the departments in said fanfiction.

**California- Lovecraft (HP)
*New Jersey- Ketchum (John)
Maine- Barker (Clive)
Kansas- Stayhorn
New York- Chambers (Robert W.)
Rhode Island- Cave (Hugh Barret)
Oregon- Robbins (David L)
*Texas- Landsdale (Joe)
North Dakota- Graves (Douglas)
South Dakota- Machen (Arthur)
Oklahoma- McDonald (Dennis)
Illinois- Bloch (Robert)
Georgia- Kiernan (Caitlin R.)
Florida- Jackson (Shirley)
Louisiana- Brite (Poppy Z.)
Alabama- McCammon (Robert)
New Mexico- Ramos (Octavio)
Maryland (main branch)- Lee (Edward)
Massachusetts- Gaiman (Neil)
Tennessee- Kelly (Ronald)
Mississippi- Faulkner (William)
Washington- Masterton (Graham)
Arkansas- Collins (Nancy A)
Michigan- Saul (John)
Utah- Wells (Dan)
*Nevada- Etchemedy (Nancy)

...Twenty seven total. So far of these, I've only planned the use of three of them. Nevada is the most recent one. Maryland is actually the oldest one. For obvious reasons.
These have been taken from authors. They're not necessarily accurate when it comes to time periods. (Though, Lovecraft as far as I know is the one that is historically accurate. It was established in the fifties, and Lovecraft had been working before that time.)

If you're reading this and you're not me, I don't actually have any inside info. I don't like spoilers so... But I have starred the ones that I do have plans for.

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