Platinum Hiro - A Nuzlocke Story [4]
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2011-11-28 08:16:20
Tags: Platinum, Pokemon, Hiro, Sinnoh, Eterna, Galactic, Mars, Cheryl, Cynthia, Gardenia

Team Galactic is at it again. But this time they've taken over a building, and have several human captives, including a little girl's father. Then Hiro helps a young woman through Eterna forest, and arrives to kick ass in Eterna City! Time to face off against the Master of Vivid Plant Pokémon!

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
Picture belongs to , blah blah blah... WHY THE FUCK DOES THE POKEMON CENTER IN HEARTHOME PLAY RURAL TOWN MUSIC INSTEAD OF THE POKECENTER MUSIC?! DX Only sometimes, though. It's weird. And kinda creepy. In a 'holy crap my game might freeze' kinda way. Anyway this marks the first of many appearances from Cynthia, the cool but also possibly totally crazy Sinnoh Champ! As you can see, Platinium Hiro's back to its weekly updates! At least until I run out of chapters or inspiration...
Chapter 7
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[@ Valley Windworks]
Delilah - Female West Sea Shellos, Storm Drain, Timid, Alert to sounds, Likes Sweet food.
Chuck - Male Pachirisu, Run Away, Jolly, Likes to run, Likes Sweet food.
"Welcome to the team!"
"Thanks! …Arty, was it?" Chuck asks.
"Yeah!" He grins at them.
"Mister! Please, mister help me!" a little girl pleads, running towards me. "Some bad space men  took my daddy and locked him up inside that building!" She points at the Valley Windworks building. 
"Don't worry, sweetie. I'll help your daddy." I tell her, squatting to match her eye level and pat her head. "Is there someone in Floraroma you can stay with in the meantime?"
"Y-yeah…" she sniffs. "Thank you, mister."
"Sure thing."
"Okay, guys! We can't go in this half-assed! Time for some training!"
"Right!" they chorus.
"All right, Zelda, we can take this Budew!"
"Yes, sir!"
Budew's Poison Point Poisoned Zelda!
"Crap. Zelda, Return! Chatter, take care of this!"
"Got it!" He uses Ember, and beats the Budew.
"Don't do this to me again, Link…" I whisper as I race Zelda back to the Pokémon center. "I won't lose you again!"
"All right, guys! I think we're finally ready! Let's go kick some Galactic ass!"
"Go Team Diamond!" they chorus.
"Wait, what?"
"We decided that our team needed a name." Regina tells me.
"We thought of a bunch of names-" Chatter starts to say.
"Team Hero, Team Skye, Team Bidoof-" Arty lists.
"That was just poor judgment on our part." Regina sighs.
"And Team Diamond sounded the best." Chatter finishes.
"It… it's not too cheesy, is it?" Delilah asks timidly.
"No, it's fine." I assure them, pulling them all in for a hug. "Zelda, you get in here too!"
"… Sure." She smiles softly and ducks under my arms, squeezing between Chatter and Regina. Seeing all of them evolved, together, makes my heart ache. The power trio together again.
Zelda learned Spark!
Regina decided not to learn Double Team!
Regina evolved!
Zelda evolved!
"Let's kick ass, guys!"
"Hell yeah!"
"Oh wait there's an item over there!"
"Come on, Hiro!" Regina complains.
"Sorry!" I run back over to where the others are.
"And what was that precious item that couldn't wait until after we rescued that little girl's father?" 
"… A potion."
"You almost never use those." she spits. "But great job, dude." 
"Shut up, Regina."
"Hey, while you guys were harping on Hiro's obsession with item gathering, I beat up this Galactic grunt. But he escaped and locked himself in there. He said something about the only other key being in the Floraroma Meadow." Chatter informs us. "So we should… you know… go."
"Right! Sorry! Let's go to Floraroma Meadow!"
[@ Floraroma Meadow]
"Too easy." I glare after the grunts.
"Thank you for saving me, lad! Here, as a token of my gratitude!"
"… Honey?"
"It attracts wild Pokémon!"
"No thanks."
"… Okay."
"M'kay, then! Buh-bye!"
"The further we go into Sinnoh, the weirder people get." I shiver.
[@ Valley Windworks again]
"All right, who's in charge here?!"
"How did you-"
"Shut up and take me to your leader." I try not to smile. "I've always wanted to say that." I mutter to Chatter.
"T-this way!" He leads me to a computer room near the back. 
"Well, well. Look what the cat dragged in." a woman with red hair sneers. "It's that brat Yuki's boyfriend."
"I'm not her boyfriend." I growl. 
"Ah, young love. Too bad I'll have to crush you like the insignificant bug you are."
"What, no egotistical rant about your so-called 'cause'?"
"Nah, that's not really my style. I'll leave that for the others."
"Mars, hurry up and beat that kid!"
"Shut up, old man! You don't have the right to order me around!" She shakes her head. "Anyway. Let's do this, kid." She throws a Poké Ball in the air, sending out a Zubat.
Battle! Hiro Vs. Mars! 
"Go, Zelda! Use Spark!"
One hit K.O.! Zelda wins!
"Damn… Purugly, go!"
"Zelda, switch out with Chatter!"
"Got it!" She runs back to my side, and Chatter jumps into action. 
"Use Mach Punch!"
"I don't think so! Purugly, use Fake Out!"
Chatter flinched!
"I'm fine. Are we spamming Mach Punch?"
"Pretty much."
"Faint Attack!"
Chatter is at low health!
"Come on… Get a Critical Hit, Chatter…" I plead softly, gritting my teeth. 
Chatter used Mach Punch! It's Super Effective! Critical hit!
The foe's Purugly fainted!
"Damn it all!" Mars curses. 
"Hmph. Just what I'd expect from a woman. Completely useless!" the old man huffs.
"Oh, shut up you old geezer! If you don't like the results, why don't you try fighting him!"
"I thought so. Let's go." She flicks my forehead, and things go black.
"Boy! Are you okay?!" A man shakes me awake, the little girl from earlier clutching his lab coat.
"Yeah… How long was I out?"
"About a half an hour." Chatter informs me, sighing in relief.
"Ah, great. How are you doing, buddy?" I ask, sitting up to inspect him. 
"Oh, I'll be fine." He assures me. "Patty - that's the little girl's name by the by - patched me up pretty good."
"Wow! Thanks for healing Chatter up, Patty." I thank her, smiling.
"I wanna be a nurse when I grow up!" she tells me excitedly.
"Well, you're gonna be great."
"Thanks!" She grins, showing a number of missing teeth.
"Where are they?!"
"You're a half hour late, Looker."
"Curses. I guess I'll just look for some clues as to where they went." He starts poking and prodding the various computers and monitors. 
"Please be careful with that technology! It's very fragile!" Patty's father frets, running over to supervise Looker's 'investigation'.
"Thanks for saving my daddy." Patty says, hugging me.
"No problem. I'm always glad to help." I smile and tussle her hair.
She goes to join her father, and I pull Chatter in for a hug. 
"I'm so glad you're all right, buddy." I tell him softly. "You know you're the best, right? I mean, you got that critical hit right where we needed it!"
"Thanks." He grins.
[PokéCenter visit & ninja run past trainers later]
"Eterna forest, huh? Let's see what we can catch here."
"Um, excuse me! Sir?" I turn to face a girl a year or two older than me with dark green hair tied back in a long braid reaching her ankles.
"Uh… Hi."
"Hi. My name is Cheryl." She gives a small bow. "I'm terribly sorry to ask you of this, but would you mind joining me? I'm scared to go through the forest alone."
"Hiro!" Chatter elbows my leg. 
"Sure!" I finally say.
"Great! Let's go! Oh, by the way, I can heal your Pokémon if they get injured."
[Heal spamming later]
"I'm sorry, but you really should have told me if you wanted to catch that Buneary."
"And a Buneary, really? Come on, man." her Chansey huffs.
Spike - Male Cascoon, Shed Skin, Bold, Likes to relax, Likes Sour food.
Chatter learned Flame Wheel!
[More heal spamming later]
"Thank you very much for helping me! Here, have this as a token of my gratitude." She hands me a Soothe Bell.
"My pleasure. Here, Arty, wear this."
"What am I, a Glameow?"
"Just shut up and wear it."
"If you're ever in Celestic town, be sure to come find me. I'll probably be hanging around the Pokémon Center."
"Of course." We wave at each other as we part ways. "Now to find that bike shop."
"That guy wasn't there before…"
"What guy?" I look up to find a man with blue hair standing in front of the statue.
"...So, this is Eterna's Pokémon statue... Shaping our world are time and space in an intertwining spiral. Revered in Sinnoh are the Pokémon of time and space... Sinnoh's myth... Its truth needs investigation..." 
"Dude it's the guy from Lake Verity!" Marcos hisses, pointing at the man. 
"Cyrus…" I breathe.
"Did one of you say something?" the man asks, his head snapping to face us.
"No. Sorry." I say hurriedly. He scoffs and shoves past us.
"Excuse me." he huffs.
"Ru-ude!" Marcos chimes.
"Quiet, man! He's still within earshot!" I elbow him in the ribs.
"Ow! Okay, okay! Jeez!" He rubs his ribs. "Anyway, I have to run. That next city with a Gym is on the other side of Mt. Coronet, and I wanna get a head start! Later!"
"Bye! Now, let's go catch some more Pokémon, guys!"
[@ Route 211]
Rose - Female Meditite, Pure Power, Lonely, Strongly defiant, Likes Spicy food.
"Welcome to the team, Rose!" 
"… Thanks." She smiles a little at me.
"All right, then, let's go look at Route 206!"
"Hey there! I'm Cynthia!"
"Hey, now. That's no way to treat a lady."
I turn to face her, and have to back up a step. 
"You're, uh, you're really tall." I laugh nervously, trying not to think of how close my face was to her, uh… chest.
"Yup! So anyway, you're a trainer, right?"
"…Yeah, why?"
"Take this!" She shoves an HM in my hands. "That HM will come in handy! Oh BTW you need the Eterna Gym Badge to use it. Bye!"
"Hey, wait a-" But she's gone.
"Sorry, but you need a bike to go this way."
"Seriously?! Craap."
"Hiro?" a man in a lab coat asks.
"Huh? Sorry, do I know you?"
"I'm Yuki's father. Edward Perla. I also assist Prof. Rowan with his research."
"Oh! I'm sorry I didn't recognize you!" I apologize.
"It's quite all right." He smiles. "Anyway the Professor asked me to give this to you."
Hiro got an Exp. Share!
"This Exp. Share-"
"Yeah, I know what it does. K-thx bye!"
[@ The PokéCenter]
"See you later, Delilah. Okay, Hilda, take this."
"What is it?" She looks at it skeptically.
"It's an Exp. Share. It'll let me train you even though the one move you have is completely useless!"
"… Thanks?"
"Now let's grind!"
"Hey, you!"
"Again, really? How many times is this gonna happen in this freaking town?!"
"Sorr-ree," a woman with orange hair scoffs. "But I was just going to tell you about this Gym."
"Now that got your attention! I thought I was going to have to resort to showing you my boobs."
"… Could you do that anyway?" She karate chops my head. 
"Don't get cheeky." She claps her hands clean. "Anyway, you're Hiro, right?"
"Yeah." I rub my head. "Why?"
"Your friend, Marcos was here earlier. He said you'd be here shortly, so I was waiting for you!"
"Yup! ………"
"Now say 'thank you'!"
"T-thank you!"
"Much better. So, if you want to fight me, Gardenia, the Leader of this Gym, first you're gonna have to beat my students. ALL OF THEM."
"Well, how many could there be?"
"Oh, how naďve." she giggles.
"You'll see. You should probably go train first. My students are tough."
"Challenge Accepted."
[Massive grinding later]
"Okay, let's kick some ass, guys! Regina, you get to beat up the students."
"Fuck yeah!"
"Pwn ALL the students!" we chorus, walking into the Gym.
"… Well crap."
There are at least twenty trainers in the Gym.
[20 hot girls later]
"Okay, Gym Leader lady, I'm ready to battle you!"
"… You only had to defeat three of them... but whatever!"
"But… but you said-"
"I say a lot of things." she shrugs. "Now are we going to battle or what?"
"… Chatter, no mercy."
Battle! Hiro Vs. Gardenia!
Chatter Vs. Turtwig
"Flame Wheel."
Winner: Chatter!
Chatter Vs. Cherrim
"Flame Wheel again."
"Cherrim, use Leech Seed!"
"Crap crap crap why is it taking so much health?!!?!?"
"Because I'm awesome?"
Winner: Chatter!
"Oh my god that was so close. Chatter, return. Regina, you take on Roserade."
"Got it!"
Regina Vs. Roserade
"Magical Leaf!"
"Ha! It's not very effective!"
"Poison Sting."
Regina was poisoned!

Hiro Diamante - The Hero
Starter: Chatter the Chimchar
Marcos Platino - The Hyperactive Best Friend/Rival
Starter: Bubba the Piplup
Yuki Perla - The Bitchy Crush
Starter: Twigs the Turtwig

Starting Team: Chatter; Zelda; Regina; Arty; Marx; Ricky;

Ending Team: Chatter; Zelda; Regina; Arty; Hilda; Egg;

Pokémon: 17 Deaths: 2 Badges: 1
Score It:

(1 = lowest, 5= highest)
Chapter 7
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