Once Lost - Deadly Ordeals
Author: ArcticDusk
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2011-06-22 03:25:15
Tags: Final Fantasy X, Auran, Final, Fantasy, X, Love, Rakai, Onshuu,

They survived the first day as a group but what lies ahead of them? Will all of them make it to Zanarkand? Or will they even make it?

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
I don't own any of the FFX characters but the ones not in it are mine. You steal I'll eat chu.
Chapter 2
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	Fires broke out all over the town as Auron and Jecht ran out of the pub. Fiends had made their way into towns and into the temple. Raising their weapons they headed inside slaying fiend as they did. While inside they found Rikai and Braska killing them also trying to keep the people safe, but be nonce to them a huge fiend was behind them gathering energy for an attack. Just as the beast brought down his fists Auron had just made it to take the blow himself. 
	“AURON!” Braska returned to his side to heal him, Jecht joined Rikai’s side as they fought the huge beast and when he was done with, the rest of the fiends in the temple. 
	“I’m going outside to kill the rest,” Rikai vanished into the flame just as Braska had tried to stop her. He shook his head and told Jecht to help her and that they were fine. Jecht followed leaving the two behind to heal.
	“Auron, I understand you’re here to protect me but not at th-,”
	“That’s the exact reason you have guardians. We are here to protect you with our lifes and that’s what I intend to do.” Though he had blocked the majority of the hit he was still in pretty bad shape even after Rikai and Jecht returned. Rikai had a few scratches on her face but nothing major and Jecht just start on how they owned some fiend that could blah blah blah. They didn’t pay much attention to him. “Rikai you need to be more careful. You can’t just go running off by yourself.”  Auron spoke to her in a rough tone. 
	“I don’t need someone telling to be careful. I take care of myself,” she unsheathed her blades and held them to his neck, “I could easily take you out right now.” Her expression held no hint of kidding.
	“Now now let’s not get into this right now. He injured and you’re hurt more than you’re letting on to be. I can see by how you’re holding your blades so just put them away and let me heal you.” Rikai was shocked that he was able to tell this just by how she held her weapons. Turning on a heel, she walked out.
	“I don’t need your help,” with that she was gone. Auron glared for a moment then just laid back down as Braska finished up.
	“There you should be perfectly heath by tomorrow,” Braska stood up and helped Auron up too. His eyes looked to where Rikai had left not too long ago. “Maybe we should try and fi-”
	“I’m sure she’s fine,” Auron walked out and into a nearby inn that had been unaffected by the fiends and got a room. Braska and Jecht soon followed and got their own rooms. Auron took off his jacket and laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling letting his mind wonder. Soon his eye lids felt heavy and he was asleep.
~Middle of the night~
	Rikai had gotten a room a while ago but couldn’t sleep. Her mind wondered to home. In her world there were 2 sun in the evening and it was an oddity that was hard for her to get used to. A soft sigh escaped her lips and she sat up in the bed and let her feet touch the floor. Her normal attire of a huge jacket and baggy pants was replaced with a skin tight tank top that was far too small that it revealed her stomach and black jeans. Slipping out of her room, and she turned to go outside she banged into a lamp. It a almost fell and shattered but she caught it just in the nick of time. Setting it down quietly she made her way outside. Someone from the room next to hers emerged to see her shadow leave the inn.  With ease the figure followed her. Once outside Rikai made her way to the nearby lake, sat down, and watched the shimmering water. The water reflected the moon with such ease as if it was its own twin. 
	“What do you want Auron?” Her calm demeanor quickly changed to annoyance. Auron stepped out from behind the shadow of the building and walked over to her. He was only a few feet away from her now. He had only been watching for a few moments before he was found out. He didn’t speak for a long while just looking at the water like she was. 
	“I just hear someone banging around and came to check it out,” His eyes shifted to her.
	“Well now you know that it was me, so you should leave,” turning her head to look straight at him, her glowing red eyes piercing right into his soul, waiting for his response. The only stared back at each other until she looked back at the lake.
	“Fine,” with that he turned and headed back into the building. Before going in he took one last glimpse of her then headed back to bed. 
	An hour passed before she relaxed. She let her fingers slide into the water and watched how this small movement affected everything. Such a small ripple could change everything. Standing swiftly she returned to her making sure that when she did she banged on Auron’s room to wake him.
	Braska, Auron, and Jecht stretched outside waiting for Rikai to join them. “Let’s just leave,” Auron was tired of waiting even though it had only been a few minutes since they told her they were getting ready to leave. Before Braska could object Rikai walked out cept she was still wearing jeans and she had yet to put her jacket on. The tempter was getting high so she decided that she didn’t need it. Shoving the thing into her bag she looked up annoyed at Auron and bored. 
	“Let’s go,” walking by Auron their eye’s meet and the only thing they held was annoyance. They all began on their way to the next temple. Macalania Temple was next on the map. Leaving the temple behind they made their way to the forest opposite to where they came from. The walk was quiet, not even Jecht wanted to break the silence of this situation. Auron on the other hand didn’t.
	“Well it appears that someone isn’t in a good mood,” Rikai stopped and turned, coming face to face with Auron. He was considerably taller than her but that only made him slower.
	“You got a problem with me? Then say it to my face,” Rikai’s hands rested on her blades waiting to see if he was about to start something. Jecht stared for a moment then just continued on, after a little bit Braska followed leaving the two to do what they had to do, though after a few yards he stopped Jecht and they watched. 
	“All I think is that you could be in a better mood,” after that it was on. Rikai got to her weapons out first but Auron shoved her back to give him the room to get his weapon ready. She rushed him when she got her footing back but he dodged by moving to the side but got clipped on the side bring blood to the surface. She smirked and cocked an eyebrow like, ‘that all you got?’ Auron stood up not taken in by her temptation. He slammed his sword down to the grown causing a shock wave to force her off her feet and on to her back. Managing to keep hold of her weapon she propped herself only to come inches away from his blade. Without think she kicked at his leg causing him to lose grip of his sword and causing it to fall and piece her. The air became thick and everything quieted to what had happened. Jecht and Braska came running down to help. The blade had gotten her left cheek and was now lodged into her left shoulder. Every little move she made let it fall deeper into her skin. Auron reached for the blade but Braska stopped him. 
	“No, you take it right now she wi-” cut off mid word by Rikai letting her head fall back as she coughed up blood. They froze as she…
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Chapter 2
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