Shiryō -Three
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Published: 2013-04-12 18:32:33
Tags: Yu Yu Hakusho, Hiei, anime, love, story

Hotaru Kurosawa, a young girl with a lot of issues, is just trying to get through life. Naturally, life isn't that easy. And it doesn't help when four boys enter her life and turn it completely upside down.

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Chapter 3
Chapter 3
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Hotaru explained everything that happened at the school to Yusuke. He seemed a bit disappointed by the story, as if he was expecting more. She could tell that whatever information he was wanting, she didn't provide. After a moment of silence, he stood. "Well, since there is nothing else, you can leave." Hotaru stands as well. "Wait a minute, you know something. What was that girl? Was she some kind of alien?" Yusuke smiled. "What do you mean? She must have hit you so hard, you must have started seeing things." Hotaru's jaw dropped. He was lying to her! As if that wasn't bad enough, he was treating her like she just imagined everything! She couldn't believe this; this was exactly how her parents treated her. The only difference was, he was doing this to cover up something where as her parents just simply didn't understand.

"Oh, well, I guess I'll just go home." She finally replied. She might as well go along with it. It's not like he could hide whatever secret he has forever. After all, she does know where he lives. Checking the time on her watch, she saw that school was only half over. Might as well go for the rest of the day, she thought, not wanting to go home. She said her goodbyes to Yusuke and thanked him for taking care of her. As she walked away, she looked back at the house. On the top floor, she saw a figure through the window. Crimson eyes seemed to peer down at her, making her blush slightly.

Mike was shocked to find Hotaru in class. "Why are you here? Shouldn't you be resting?" Hotaru shrugs. "I'm fine." He sighs and shakes his head. "What?" Hotaru glares at him. "Nothing, just don't over do it." Using her good arm, she waves him off. "Yeah, I'm just going to go do somersaults into the sunset." "Okay, just don't mess up or I'll have to disown you." Hotaru rolls her eyes. They seem to have these types of conversations often. Before she could make a remark, the teacher comes in; making the class go silent.

Hotaru stands in the middle of the woods, alone, not a person in sight. "Hello?" she calls into the woods. No answer. "Helloooooo?" Again, no answer. She decides to walk through the woods to see if she could find somebody. Anybody. She felt so lonely and lost. The woods seemed like they would never end. How many times has she seen this cherry tree? All the other trees are all alike, making this one cherry tree stand out. As she passes it once again, she notices something different about it. The petals were falling off. She wanted to watch them fall, but she felt too lonely to watch them, so she continued on. As expected, she eventually sees the same tree again, only this time it was dead. The bark was so dark, it looked almost black. A hole had been planted in the middle of the trunk. That was never there before. She stepped closer to the tree to examine it further. Something began to fall from the sky. Snow? A flake lands on her face. She wipes it off and examines her hand. Not snow. Ash. She looks around and finds the forest gone. It's nothing but a barren wasteland. All the trees are either dead or gone. Nothing stands except for this dead cherry tree. Ash continues to fall around her. "Hotaruuuuu." A familiar voice calls to her. The voice sounded like it came from the hole. "W-who's there?" she asks, inching closer to the tree. She looks in the hole, but only finds darkness. The voice doesn't answer, so she gets closer to the tree. "How do you know my name?" she questions. Just as she takes another step, the trees roots reach up from the ground and grab her ankle. She screams, but before she could try to get away, another root grabs both of her wrists. She kicks with her free leg and squirms but is unable to free herself. The roots pull her towards the hole in the tree. In the darkness, a dark figure of a head appears. It slowly comes into the light to reveal the most horrifying face. The face is deformed, as if it had been burned, the mouth looking as though it has been smeared up the cheek. The creature had one large eye, it's right just being a small socket. It reaches out towards her, it's hand deformed and burned also. Hotaru's eyes tear up from the fear. She kicked and squirmed even more, but she couldn't get away. She didn't know why, but she knew if this thing touched her, something bad would happen. She felt she would somehow disappear. She would disappear and nobody would care or remember her. Nobody would care that she was missing...nobody...nobody... Hotaru sits up in her bed; sweat and tears streaming down her face. Her heart is racing and she couldn't seem to catch her breath. She couldn't remember the nightmare she just had, but she knew she was still feeling the same fear she had in the dream. After several minutes, she calmed down enough to lay back down. She glances at the clock to see that it's only 3:00 AM. Groaning, she turns over in bed. She's glad it's the weekend, because she knew there would be no way she could fall back asleep tonight.

Mike strolled outside in a similar manner to a zombie. Bags hung under his eyes; his expression showed he had a restless night. He is hunched over, as if he had aged into an old man. Hotaru raises her eyebrow in question. "It has been a long weekend." Mike says in an exhausted voice. "I'd say! You look like the risen dead." Hotaru smirks, proud of her remark. Mike rolls his eyes. "All weekend, I've been dealing with a ghost cat." "A ghost cat?" Mike nods. "Weird. I've never seen an animal ghost before." Mike nods again in agreement. "Me neither. I thought when animals die, they just go straight to the other side. I mean, that would explain why we never see their ghosts. It's not that they don't have souls..." Mike trails off. Hotaru knew he was thinking about how a lot of people don't believe animals have souls. It angered them both that people believed that. Somehow, they made it to the school without realizing it. "We were walking while we talked?" Hotaru asks, a confused look on her face. Mike, with the same confused look, shrugs. "I guess? It's more understandable for me, since I'm kind of out of it. I think you're just stupid." She glares at him. "Stupid enough to kill you right here and now." she threatens. He glares back, answering her in a deadly tone; "Bring it." The school bell rings, interrupting their fun little game of 'showing their affections in ways normal people would not understand.' Without another word, but with loud groans, they drag themselves to class.

It was supposed to be a good day. On this Saturday, the sky was to be clear, not a cloud in sight, the sun beaming down on us it's warm rays. This is not that day. Hotaru thinks to herself as she jogs through the rain. The sky is dark; it's not warm; it's raining cats and dogs. Hotaru enters the local library. Might as well hang out here. she thought. Her black t-shirt and blue jean shorts are soaked, as well as her black shoes, which also carried in a bit of mud. The day started off nice and the weatherman said it would be nice all day, so she did not prepare herself for this. Quickly, she goes into the restroom to use the hand dryer to dry off. She was only in the restroom for a few minutes when some three girls from school walked in. The girls wore more appropriate clothes for this kind of weather. Looking closer, Hotaru could tell the clothes were name brand. Only well off families could get them. Hotaru couldn't help but notice how pretty they all looked with their makeup and their brown hair tied up in pony tails and buns. They all wore nice jewelry too. After a moment, it registers to her that these girls are from a grade below her. She sees them around often enough, Hotaru wondered why she didn't notice them sooner. The girls look over at Hotaru, making her look away from them in embarrassment. The girls walk over to her, surrounding her. "Hey," says the girl with the pony tail, "you're the freak from school!" Hotaru's heart beats faster, getting more and more nervous by the second. "Well?" the pony tail girl pushes Hotaru slightly. One can only assume this girl is the leader. "Are you going to put a spell on me or something, Freak?" The other two girls laugh. One girls chimes in, "Doesn't look like she can! I think she must have forgotten her voodoo doll at home!" As the girls laugh harder, Hotaru stares at the ground, her bangs covering her eyes. "Oh! Can you tell my future?" The third girl asks. "Or do you just do curses?" This wasn't something new to Hotaru. Ever since people found out about her ability to see the dead, she has been considered a freak, a witch, or someone who contrives with demons. "You even look like a witch! You're so ugly." Hotaru began to tear up. She could handle being called a freak or a devil worshiper, but her looks were something she is sensitive about. "Leave her alone!" Hotaru slowly looks up. Before them is a girl with blue jeans, a pink shirt to match her pink eyes, and blue hair held up with a pink hair tie. The other girls scoffed. "Let's go. This stopped being fun anyways." The blue haired girl glared at them until they were gone. "Are you okay?" She goes to put a hand on Hotaru's shoulder, but she smacks it away. Hotaru glares at the girl. "I didn't need any help." She exits the restroom, leaving the blue haired girl with a shocked face. Why did I do that? Hotaru wonders a few minutes later. I could have made a new friend. It didn't matter now. She just noticed the rain had let up and she was almost home. She must have been so upset, she just went on autopilot. Still, she regretted the way she acted. Nobody, other than Mike, has ever stood up for her. When someone finally does, she shuts them out. A tear strolled down Hotaru's cheek. She felt awful and alone.
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Chapter 3
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