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Need to choose a few colors for your background, borders, font colors or links? Here's an easy-to-use random generator!

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Chapter 17
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This chooses the six digits in the HTML hexadecimal system individually in order to choose a color. 16,777,216 different results possible! If you don't know what a hexadecimal code is, computer codes, such as for HTML and CSS, process colors and all its shades into a six digit number. Each digit ranges as follows: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, and F, which is sixteen "numbers" per digit. This code calculates the three prime digital colors, red, blue and green, and also calculates the value, hue and saturation. The color your font is defaulted to is black, which is the code #000000, and the white background is #FFFFFF—opposite beginning and end of the hexadecimal code if you were to list all 16,777,216 combinations. The three digital prime colors in the code are
#00FF00, and
#0000FF. Red + Green = #FFFF00, which is
. Green + Blue = #00FFFF, which is
, but is often also called Aqua Blue + Red = #FF00FF, which is
. Or fuschia, but it depends on what website you're looking up colors by code. From this you can speculate what sort of colors you might get in your head, but because it's pretty complicated, you're better off just looking up the color by the website. So let's play around with some color! And remember, not every shade of color has a name, so most of this will probably just be a "Some shade of . . . ."
Some shade of blue.
Some shade of dark-green cyan (because cyan is both a green and a blue; although it does look blue).
Some shade of red.
Some shade of green.
Some shade of green.
Some shade of brown (although it looks orange. I guess orange can be a shade of brown. Bah).
Some shade of cyan-blue.
Some shade of green-cyan.
Some shade of a medium dark green.
Some shade of dark blue-magenta (or purple. Whatever).
Have fun!
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Chapter 17
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