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Published: 2016-06-03 10:56:45
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An index listing the available random generators.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
These are random generators made entirely by me. While this tool is free to use, do not pass the generator off as your own.
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Welcome to My Personal Random Generators, where you'll find the generators that I've made for my personal convenience, but if you find this useful as well, by all means, that's also why this book is here. Let me know if you've used them and if you enjoyed it. Or if there needs improvement (as if I don't already know they need improvement).

If you don't know what random generators are, they are generators of some sort that randomly selects from a list in a category and tells you the results. Of course, to a computer, there's no such thing as anything being completely random, especially from lists with a certain number of results, but it is random enough that you can't predict the results. Like many people, I have difficulties coming up with character designs or choosing traits, and for a while I was generating it by hand.† I drew a box, wrote all the individual traits in separate categories around the box, made little marks inside the box, counted the marks, and then crossed out traits as I counted around the box until I was left with one trait in each category, and this took at least an hour or two per character.† Well, many of my books now have upwards of twenty characters, so spending a couple hours to randomly choose individual traits for each character just takes way too long, so I came up with random generators to quickly choose traits for me, and I can simply just write them down.

If you went ahead and clicked the link to the generator, you probably noticed that the traits are quite detailed.† In fact, you'd probably say that they're overly detailed, and no writer in their right mind would need it all.

You're right.† I actually don't need all of these traits, but they make me feel better having them, just like some people can't start their story without a title, even if they were going to change it later.† Plus, I get tired of having to stop writing every time I find myself actually needing a piece of description.† This is just to cover my basis before I start the story so I don't have to keep interrupting myself later on.

My random generators will come in two forms: Orteil Dashnet's method, and the Gif-Set method.

The Orteil Dashnet's method is for the larger and more generalized random generators where all you have to do is click a button to get the results. The Gif-Set method is for more individualized and smaller random generators where you have to click and drag the image or take a screenshot in order to see the results. These two methods work in tandem with each other. Take the Orteil Dashnet generator, and if you want to tweak some things from the results, find the appropriate Gif-Set generator and take that to make a new little result to substitute what was stated in the larger generator. For more information on these generatorsóor, rather, how to make themócheck out How to Make Your Own Random Generator.

This index has direct links to where the generators are hosted, but if you want more information on these generators, please look into the chapters. Also, if you have any ideas for future generators, I would love to hear it. "OD" stands for Orteil Dashnet, which means it'll be a big generalized generator, and "GIF" will be for the individualized Gif-Set generators.

  1. OD: My Big Overly Detailed Character Generator
  2. GIF: Sex, Gender, Love and Sex
  3. GIF: The Basic Body
  4. GIF: Hair
  5. GIF: Forehead and Brows
  6. GIF: Eyes
  7. GIF: Nose
  8. GIF: Cheeks
  9. GIF: Ears
  10. GIF: Mouth and Lips
  11. GIF: Jaw and Chin
  12. GIF: Hands and Feet
  13. GIF: Natural Anomalies
  14. GIF: Unnatural Anomalies

  15. OD: Clothing Generator
  16. OD: Underwear (I haven't made a Gif-Set for this yet)
  17. OD: Socks (I haven't made a Gif-Set for this yet)
  18. OD: Nightwear (I haven't made a Gif-Set for this yet)
  19. OD: Swimwear (I haven't made a Gif-Set for this yet)
  20. OD: Full Body (I haven't made a Gif-Set for this yet)
  21. OD: Tops (I haven't made a Gif-Set for this yet)
  22. OD: Bottoms (I haven't made a Gif-Set for this yet)
  23. OD: Jackets (I haven't made a Gif-Set for this yet)
  24. OD: Footwear (I haven't made a Gif-Set for this yet)
  25. OD: Accessories (I haven't made a Gif-Set for this yet)
  26. OD + GIF: Combined Personality Generator
  27. OD: Fabric and Materials (I haven't made a Gif-Set for this yet)
  28. GIF: Hexadecimal Color Picker
  29. GIF: Birthdate and Time Generator
  30. OD: Hobby Generator (I haven't made a Gif-Set for this yet)
  31. GIF: Random Number Generator
Generators I Need to Make:
  • The Gif-Sets from the index.
  • Name generator. (OD)
  • RWBY Weapons generator. (OD)

A List of Sources to Make Understanding my Generators Easier: How to Choose Traits Randomly Hands: A Guide to Palmistry by Enid Hoffman The Face Reader by Patricia McCarthy 007 Breasts Eye Color Elizabeth Taylor's Violet Eyes Feet Shapes Clothes
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Chapter 1
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