Shadows in the Darkness (Yu Yu Hakusho) Part 10: Eye of the Tempest
Author: Rayne
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2015-04-21 14:24:44


Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
I do not own YYH or it's characters, they belong to Yoshihiro Togashi. I do however own everything else in this story. Enjoy~ Copyright: YYH Yishihiro Togashi
Chapter 10
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Narrators Point of View


Brianey lay motionlessly in the bed of the infirmary. Her breathing was regular and stable and her check up had seem to be fine - well except for that she had gained wolf ears and a tail that is. Her mother occupied the seat next to her holding the unconscious girls hand. Only the quiet sobs and sniffs and the far off echo of talking in the other room filled the air.

It had been five long and stressful hours to all who had witnessed Brianey's 'awakening' as Koenma had put it. The detectives - with the help of the small ruler had fully explained their assignment to Ryan, who was currently filling the ruler in on why they had hidden. Shadow was also present in the oval office though she spoke little; as she was still very concerned for Brianey. Hiei on the other hand was no where to be seen.

"-So when our Parents found out we had produced Brianey we had no choice but to leave for Ningenkai. We apologies for this Koenma... but we feared that you would not allow us to go." Ryan shot an apologetic gaze towards the small ruler who nodded - seeming to understand entirely.

"Yes, I can see and understand why you would think that - after all you were a wanted criminal." Koenma inclined his head quickly as Yusuke; the lead detective had parted his lips to interject. The boy looked confused and annoyed but did not speak.

"I say 'was' a criminal because you did not finish your last task... you have also not killed for the past seventeen years, as well as being isolated and ‘banaished’ to a world and forced to not use your powers I’d say technically your sentence has been served." Yusuke shrugged as Ryan nodded.

"Thank you Koenma-sama. However I would like to know if I can see my daughter now." his voice sounded very anxious. Koenma nodded also rising; there was a small pause as the prince transformed into his teenage form before he scanned the room.

"Well, let's go see her. I am sure you're all worried." He announced, to which no one denied as they, to rise and followed the boy out heading for their immobile friend.


Shadow's Point of View


You made your way down the intertwining corridors of Koenma's castle, the others all in tow. Ryan and Koenma were in a discussion amongst the two of them which you inclined to stop out of. Kurama and the other two detectives were also talking, in hush worried tones - which you suspected was about Brianey. Yusuke still looked pale. Why did Brianey not call me around for the meal? ...did ...something between us change? You questioned, very hurt by the thought, as you turned the corner into yet another white hall way, the sound of your combat boots making a rather dull thumping on the marble floor was one of the only sounds in the passageway. Kurama had slowed down now, to walk with you, however, you pay no attention to him as you continued to walk to the hospital.

"Shadow... Are you alright, you seem... preoccupied?" Kurama asked, concern was in his voice which made you slightly confused.

"I'm... ok you should be more concerned about Brianey. She's the one that's in the hospital... not me." You replied bluntly seeing him recoil slightly at your words.

Why didn't she invite me?


"Maybe she doesn't consider you a friend anymore baka... ever think of that?"


You growled in an undertone as Hiei's words stung at your mind. Finally arriving at the infirmary you filed in with the others and made your way to Brianey's bed. Her mother was with her looking very tired and worried.

Ryan had rushed straight over to her and was whispering things into her ear, to which she nodded at. Must be filling her in... You noted to yourself.

"Bri ...wake up... Koenma while we were talking you said that the necklace unlocked her powers..." Your head snapped to Kurama, and then the pendant around your best-friends throat, your eyes dilated slightly seeing it was glowing a light blue-black colour.

Her energy... it's being fed into her...

"Yes, I believe that Ryan and Jules had to lock her powers somewhere to stop their families tracking the energy. So they put them into the combined necklace of their tribes. Brianey was able to use some of her power without the necklace - her telepathy... I believe that was due to two things, firstly she was around a large amount of S-class demons, meaning she was gaining some powers from their energy. The second reason would be because she was near Yusuke - who had the necklace in his jacket the whole time, as I asked him to keep it with him, Kurama." Koenma explain simply. He gave an apologetic look towards the startled parents. "I had to understand her reasoning for staying dormant, forgive my intrusion into your home."

"Understandable." Ryan replied, though he looked far from happy.

“But why was the reaction so violent?” Kurama pressed. “Demon awakenings are intense, but that was far from  a normal experience.” His words furrowed the brows of his friends, Koenma simply closed his eyes and pressed on in a level tone.”
“I suspect that has something to do with the time factor, Kurama. As I explained her powers were placed into the necklace, from birth. Over time the energy would have compacted, intensified and gained. There was 20 years worth of a demons energy being held in the necklace, restricted and untamed. Brianey has no control over her energy as demons come to learn and develop their powers from a small age, with the help of their kin to guide them. Imagine all of that untamed power suddenly finding where it was actually meant to be: in Brianey’s body. It simply rushed back to her, far too quickly. Hence the volatile respond” There was silence at his words, a sober expression was shared as all realised the intensity of his words. Jules broke the silence.


"Kurama? I thought your name was Shuichi?" You smiled slightly, as Kurama nodded his head.

"My Human name is Shuichi, however I have another. Youko Kurama." A slight gasp escaped Jules’ lips catching the eyes of a few occupants of the room.

"So he didn't die after all. I knew it." She was gazing at Kurama now, as if transfixed. Kurama nodded though looked some what perplexed at her words. She cocked her head to the side before pressing on. "I knew of Youko-sama, my mother told me many stories of his adventures... she told me he had disappeared - presumed dead... but I thought different. He was too clever to just up and die..." You heard Kurama chuckle.

"Well... you thought right. He was able to send his soul into the womb of a pregnant human woman - my mother. Needless to say his soul and my soul merged in the womb."

"I see... it's nice to finally meet him - kind of." She replied before fixing her eyes back onto her daughter. The room became momentarily quiet as all eyes focused on Brianey. Praying she would wake up soon. They also knew they may have to restrain her, and go through another process of 'filling her in'.


Hiei's Point of View


You towered over the mound of splintered wood, glowering at its pathetic-ness. Bamboo is supposed to be stronger than that... Hn. You sheathed your sward into its holder and strode brusquely to the training room bench, sitting down and leaning your back onto the wall. You closed your eyes, tilting your head up to the ceiling in thought as the events of the day flicker past.


In your opinion - the day could have gone a lot better, and Brianey may not have found out about your task. To you - you had failed in your mission to watch her and you weren't too happy about that. Not one bit.

Yusuke is a complete buffoon ...what was he thinking carrying that around in his pocket! I told him to put it somewhere safe... baka. You sighed crossly and opened your eyes looking around the room. The punching bag needed replacing, and the steal practice dummy that Koenma had brought now had a large fist sized dent in it, where you had gotten annoyed. Straightening up, you dusted off your cloak and held your sward as you paced to the door.

"Hiei Jaganshi - please report to the Infirmary immediately."

"Now what?" You spat as you walked calmly out the door and headed for the portal so as to get to the hospital wing in the castle.


Brianey/ Your Point of View


"Brianey! You're awake thank God for that!" You heard several voices cry, you winced in pain as you felt a migraine coming. You rubbed your head only to feel a dull throb shoot through it, you gasped.

"Ahh... crap. What the... hell happened?" You had pulled your hand back now, and surveyed the people around your bed side. Yusuke was smiling slightly along with Shuichi, Shadow and your parents. Kazuma looked like he wanted nothing better than to hug you; Kayko, Botan and Yuki looked to be width-holding the urge to pounce on you. However your eyes were locked with two hazel ones of an unfamiliar face.

"Hello Brianey - I am Koenma." He spoke in a superior but polite tone, making you crease your brow; you gave him a hesitant nod directing a glace at your mom and dad who smiled reassuringly. Something bad happened... what happened? And what's with the dummy?

"Where am I? ...and what the hell happened to me?" You kept your gaze locked on him. He sighed and leaned himself onto the side of your bed, in a sitting position, you kept your face perfectly blank while he looked around the room as if waiting for something amazing to happen. "Err... you can speak anytime now." He turned back to you and nodded.

"Your demon powers were awakened... when you put on that necklace."

"What? ...Alright mate I think you might have had a few to many. I ain't a demon." You gaped at your mom. "You told me they only live in a different world..."

"I did... we are in that world."

"Wait... you knew demons existed? Koenma... seriously..." Yusuke was cut off by your dad speaking. He looked very calm given the circumstances, and you were very confused. Mom use to tell me stories, what the... makes no sense how can I be a demon - I'm a freaking normal girl... I go to a normal school, with normal friends, and I am going to hopefully not get kicked out of school... simple... demons are just... well what?!


"We told Brianey stories of... Demon and Spirit world when she was young - she has grown up knowing of it - but thinking it was a story... it was the only way we could think of to not... well lie to her." You gawped at your farther silently trying to piece together what he said. Lying to me? Wait...

"That's why you... you made up that story last night... cos..."

"Yes... because you, me, and your mother are demons... It's a very long story that we are about to tell you... so sorry if we bore you." His lips tugged at the corners and you nodded to him, eager to hear and try and work out what was going on. The others also sat down - Kayko was in Yuki's lap.

"What Koenma? I was training... Oh you're awake, good."

"Hiei, erm, you ok?" You asked quickly looking into his blank impassive face. He nodded before turning back to 'Koenma'. It was quiet for a moment. "Well?"

"Sit down Hiei; you need to be here so you know what's going on with everything."

"She changed into a wolf... and got her powers... What else do I need to know?" Your eyes widened.

"Wow, wolf?" you looked at him weirdly and he blinked at you. Slowly he moved from his position in the middle of the room to stand next to you, he gave a curt nod.

"Yes on'na I said wolf. You have ears... and a tail or did you not bother to look?" He yanked hard on something and you reacted by fisting him in the stomach, both of you clutching the area hurt.

"Pissing hell!-OW! Wait what the... What's this thing on my head?" you were rubbing something that was soft and furry, that was also throbbing in pain.

Hiei coughed regaining his composure, glaring at the snickers of Yusuke and Kazuma before addressing you. "Ears... I told you, you changed." He then removed the sheets. You looked down only registering your jeans weren't there a moment too late.

"Sick bastard!" You yelled ignoring the pain it caused your head, however he pointed to something.

"See, you have a tail." He replied bluntly before covering you up ignoring the glares and raised eyebrows he received. You were now very worried - you had seen the extra appendage sticking out your back.

"Bri. It's alright let them explain and you'll understand." You turned to Shadow. She looked very uneasy, you looked at her for the longest time. She held your gaze “Let us explain to you please…” She urged.
Nodding you turned seeing Hiei had sat down on the window ledge; your dad coughed slightly and opened his mouth and began explaining.

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Chapter 10
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