My Seven Deadly Sins 02
Author: SalyaDarken
Content Rating: T-16
Published: 2014-03-09 23:35:13
Tags: seven sins, original, light yaoi, light hentai


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Chapter 2
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After finishing, she put the broom up and started to walk around the temple. It's been two years since she's been really inside the temple. She been a little scared to since her mother dead in one of the rooms.

"Sin, what are you doing?" Called out her grandpa from a room, he just walked out of.

She jumped and looked to him. "Looking around. Why?" She had one hand on her chest and the other one of a door that was the holding place of a necklace.

The old man lightly glared then shook his head. "Alright. Just don't touch anything." With then he went back to doing what old guys do.

She sighed and went into the room that she as near and looked around, closing the door. Something in the room was calling her and it was bugging her. Whatever was calling for her, didn't start calling until she walked down the hall.

Her dark blue eyes looked around for anything that would be different. "Ok this is getting annoying." She said lightly as she heard her name around. "Who is calling me Sin-chan?" She growled lightly.

There was a giggle sound the made Serina glare around. She walked over to a box that was alone in a corner.
Slowly, she opened it to see a beautiful necklace. "Wow... This can't be it, right?" She asked the air.

"Serina, I'm going out for a hour! Be careful while I'm out!" Her grandpa called out.

"Alright." She called back, closing the box. She lightly sighed after 5 minutes of quietness and leaned onto the box. "Finally, that voice got quiet."

After when felt like 10 minutes, was only 5 minutes but who cares. Anyways, her cell started to ring, playing the song,Sexy Naughty Bitchy Me which made you jump. Getting it out and looking at it, she sighed. "Damn it, Sara." She muttered before answering it with, "Hello?"

"Lady Serina, what would you like for dinner?" Sara's soft voice asked.

"Hmm... Pizza would be nice."

"As you wish."

She smiled lightly, hanging up and putting her black cell back into her pocket. "Guess I'll go home." She said, walking out of the room then the temple. 
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Chapter 2
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