Chapter 2: Shopping And Lonliness
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Shopping with Ino! Ino will definitely love having a new girl friend for girl talk! But sometimes Shikamaru gets busy :(

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This is a Naruto fanfiction. Naruto is owned by Kishimoto Masashi and all his character's and original storyline belong to him, my character(s) and plot belong to the author me. If you see this on Quizilla it is mine, my name on there is ziviorxlovesozivi
Chapter 3
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*---Hana's P.O.V.---*

I awoken in the guest bedroom. It had a small window, but it was nice because near by a tree grew with pretty flowers. It reminded me of home and my dad.

[Me] {Dad.. I hope your doing well.. I miss you..} *Takes off covers and get's out of bed*

As I stood the pajama bottoms I borrowed from Shikamaru's mom Yoshino dropped to the floor.

[Me] Ah.. *Slides the pajama bottoms back up back up*

They didn't have a tie so I just held them. It wasn't like Shikamaru's mom was large or anything, I just was only twelve, and really small.

[Me] {No wonder I need ninja training I need muscles...} *Holds onto bottoms while digging through one of her bags. Pulls out a kimono.* {This one shouldn't drag too much..}

I got dressed and headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I tried brushing my hair. It was nearly impossible. Normally father had someone do it for me because he thought that would be an okay thing for me to not focus too much on. I sort of had to do it in sections, as well as lay it on the counter it was so long. There was a knock on the bathroom door.

[Yoshino] Princess Hana? Are you okay? I've got breakfast for you downstairs.

[Me] Ah thank you so much! I am alright I'll be right there.. *Blushes, embarrassed.* {It shouldn't take me so long to brush my hair..}

When I was finally done I walked down stairs. I wore a kimono that only had three layers, but still at least three inches dragged after me. Yoshino sat at the table already eating another plate was set at the same spot. It had eggs and bacon.

[Me]Thank you. *Takes a bite.* It's delicious!

[Yoshino] Thank you! I'm sure it's not like the meals you're used too.

[Me] It's the best!

Yoshino smiled at me. She seemed very polite, but I'm sure it was because I'm a Princess. Not that I thought she's not a nice person, this is how most people act. I knew that she was trying to act nice at least.

[Me] {Maybe eventually she'll get used to me.. I feel like her husband and Shikamaru will be themselves to me first.. hopefully Shikamaru.. I want to be close to someone while I'm here, and I will be living with him after all..}

[Yoshino] Princess Hana?

[Me] Oh! Yes? I'm sorry I was spacing out..

[Yoshino] It's alright I just wanted to make sure you knew that you will probably have the house to yourself when you get back from shopping with Ino.

[Me] Oh, okay, is there anything I shou-

[Yoshino] No, no just spend your time however you see fit.

I didn't show it but this depressed me. I knew during this time alone I'll probably wallowing about my father. There was a knock on the front door.

[Yoshino] Oh! That's probably Ino.

As Yoshino opened the door, I saw a girl my age. She had short blonde hair, or at least it seemed that way, most of it was in a bun with an orange fabric around it. Her clothes although were purple.

[Ino] Good morning Yoshino-san! Is Princess Hana all ready?

Yoshino nodded and waved Hana over.

[Me] Hello Ino, it's nice to meet you *Bows*

[Ino] *Bows* Nice to meet you too! Come on! I want to get you some nice clothes before Sakura buys them all!

[Me] Oh, hold on I need my purse. *Runs back to the guest room* {It was kind of Tsunade to provide with some of this country's cash.. } *Grabs purse and returns to Ino*

[Yoshino] You two have fun! *Waves*


[Ino] That looks so cute on you! Well actually you look cute in everything! I'm so jealous!

I was wearing a blue spaghetti strap shirt, and Levi shorts and since that was basically all the store sold, some dark blue ninja shoes.

[Me] Thank you! You really think so? *Checks self in a mirror*

[Ino] Totally! I need to get you to meeting the guys around here, do you have a boyfriend? Or is your dad having you marry anyone Hana?

I love Ino. She started calling me Hana immediately, somehow she saw how uncomfortable Princess Hana made me and started calling me Hana no questions asked. She can just immediately be someone's best friend, no questions asked.

[Me] No, my dad wanted me to choose my future king..

[Ino] Oh! I'm sorry..

[Me] Why are you sorry?

[Ino] You seem sad.. about your dad..

[Me] It's okay, I just miss him is all..

[Ino] I'm sure he misses you too, but I bet he'd want you to enjoy yourself while your hear, just pretend it's an extra long vacation from home!

[Me] Yeah, your right! Thanks Ino, you're a really great person you know. *Smiles*

[Ino] Oh, I'm not all that great.. well are we done here?

I nodded and changed back into an outfit we got at a previous store. It was a white shirt tucked into a black short pencil skirt, with black ninja shoes. I had bags and bags, before I even entered this store.

[Ino] Alright I can't carry anymore. can you?

[Me] Not really..

[Ino] Let's stop for today then.

[Me].. Do you think Shikamaru will like these?

[Ino] Ehhhh?! You already like Shikamaru?

[Me] Well of course he's nice?

Ino stopped and looked at me. I got the feeling she was trying to ask me something else.

[Me] {Does she mean like.. a crush?} *Blushes* Not like that! I just mean! I'm going to be around him a lot! I don't want to be-

[Ino] *Giggles* Your really bashful aren't you? It's cute. Well I guess I get what your saying, but if you fall for Shikamaru I don't know how well I can help you. Shikamaru is lazy and isn't really the type to date.

[Me] *Blushes ferociously* I-I don't know if I should be dating I mean.. my future king will have a lot of responsibilities, I don't want to burden anybody..

[Ino] If he loves you it doesn't matter. It's no trouble for him because he loves you.

~---Shikamaru's P.O.V.---~

[Me] So troublesome...

I was stuck at the academy later than expected, I had to serve a stupid detention to a little Konohamaru, who acts a bit too much like Naruto. Princ- Hana has probably been stuck at the house all alone for a long time.

[Me] {I hope nothing happened to her since she's been all alone.. maybe I should train her in some taijutsu..}

I unlocked the door.

[Me] I'm home!

I walked in taking my shoes off. Only a pair of black ninja shoes were at the door.

[Me] {Must be Princ- Er.. Hana's}

I couldn't see her in the living room in the kitchen, so I assumed she was in her room, I headed up stairs. Then I heard it. A quiet sobbing sound. It was so quiet, I could barely hear but it was there. I walked to the guest room. The sound was louder when I pressed my ear against the door. I sighed and turned around.

[Me] {Girls always want to be alone when they're crying.. I don't want any trouble anyways..}

I walked a couple steps, but the door clicked behind me and opened.

[Hana] S-Shikamaru? I'm sorry when did you get home?.. Did you here me? I'm so sorry.. I'm okay! Just homesick a little I guess..

I turned around and looked at her. She looked really cute, of course Ino picked her cute pajamas.

[Me] {Why would pajamas ever need to look cute?}

Still, it was a big shirt and some mini shorts that are barely seen underneath the big shirt, it made her look very small and delicate, as well as the Kimono draped around her shoulders.

[Me] It's fine- er I mean, don't worry about it, we don't have to go over lessons tonight either if you don't want-

[Hana] No please, I really don't want to be alone right now..

[Me] *Sighs* {Girls are seriously confusing..} Well alright, but let's just go over searching for your chakra again today..

She nodded and smiled happily at me.


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Chapter 3
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