Chapter 1: Introductions, Family and Shinobi Basics
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So the princess has to meet the family! She also has to start her ninja lessons somewhere!

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This is a Naruto fanfiction. Naruto is owned by Kishimoto Masashi and all his character's and original storyline belong to him, my character(s) and plot belong to the author me. If you see this on Quizilla it is mine, my name on there is ziviorxlovesozivi
Chapter 2
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Shikamaru's P.O.V. I headed off to Tsunade's office to hear the mission she had for me.

[Me]{What a bother..}

I looked up at the sky and sighed. Ever since I became a chunin everything's become a lot more troublesome than I ever thought it's be. I just wanted to have a job as a ninja, and get a wife someday and have normal life. I would've been happy if I stayed genin. Now that Tsunade is calling me in I know this is going to be some tough scary mission.

[Me]{Couldn't she get a jounin for whatever this is?} Once I reached the office Shizune was there but Tsunade wasn't around.

[Me] Where is Tsunade Sama?

[Shizune] Ah Shikamaru-kun Tsunade will be here shortly she's bringing in the client that you will be working with.

[Me] ? Oh well okay should I just wait here?

[Shizune] Yeah you can just sit down, I have to go take care of somethings Tsunade will be right with you.

She bowed then walked out the door holding a clipboard. I sighed sitting on the couch staring at the ceiling. I was already looking after the children at the academy since Tsunade has been using Iruka for mission, now I have to look over a client too?

[Me]{What kind of mission even is this?}


Tsunade arrived after a while with a beautiful girl around my age. She was dressed like nobility, layers and layers of Kimono, and her hair nearly touched the floor it was so long. I sat up straight.

[Tsunade] Good Shikamaru, your here. This is Princess Hana. The girl smiled politely.

[Me]{A-A princess? She must be from far away.. there aren't even princesses around here..} *Bows low* Nice to meet you, I'm Shikamaru.

[Tsunade] Now for your mission Shikamaru, is to protect Hana, teach her some basic shinobi skills, and also... train her to act more like a boy.



Whenever I walk through the village nobody looks at me. It's not that they try to avoid looking at me, I'm just a boring person and draw absolutely no attention to myself. I like it that way, it creates less trouble for me. Even when I became a new chunin, and I looked more obviously like a shinobi, I only got a glance here and there... but now..

[Me]{So troublesome...}

This girl.. I don't blame her. She is a princess, so of course she's dressed like one. Layers and layers how does she walk in that thing? I checked glancing back at her. The beautiful dragged on the dirt, getting scratched by rocks and such. A silk kimono.. probably worth millions.. and she doesn't seem to notice?

[Me] Uh.. excuse me.. er Princess Hana?

[Princess Hana] Hn?

[Me] Well your kimono is getting dirty..

[Princess Hana]!? *Looks down* Oh wow! I've never walked on dirt before! How embarrassing! I'm sorry! *Blushes ferociously*

[Me] Ah well, it's okay, doesn't bother me.. I just thought I'd let you know.. It looks expensive.

[Princess Hana] Oh it's okay, I brought tons with me! Although I guess I shouldn't be wearing them.. hmm.. maybe I need new clothes.

[Me] Well I know a few kunoichi who'd love to go shopping with you.. {Ino is going to go nuts over this.. Tsunade didn't say to hide the fact that she's a princess.. and at this point it's kind of late anyways if she's walked around like that..}


I reached my house and as expected mom was waiting for me, she looked polite for once.

[Me] {Yeah of course she'd be polite to a girl.. although I guess this is a princess.. still girl's..}

[Yoshino] Welcome back Shikamaru! This must be Princess Hana! It truly is an honor to have you staying with us!

[Me] {Wait.. she knew about this?.. Tsunade must've told her.. Crap she's staying at my house?}

I groaned inwardly, not wanting my mother to see me complain in front of a princess, especially about the princess.

[Yoshino] Shikamaru! Set up the table! The princess must be hungry after the long trip here!

[Me] Sure.. *Sighs and walks in to the kitchen*

I heard them speaking as I set down plates. I set one for dad even though I wasn't sure if he'd be here. Honestly with all the ninja's Tsunade has been using I was surprised mom was even here.

[Yoshino] So how far away did you come from? It must've been far I didn't even know there were any princesses!

[Princess Hana] Actually my country is right at the border where Konoha Village ends, my father liked the closeness of this village and so that's why he is having me here, this way if there is an emergency, father can reach me by letter faster, Tsunade-sama was even kind enough to allow my father a speedier was of message with a special hawk!

I sat down on one side of the table, Princess Hana, surprisingly, sat across from me. Mom hesitated and sat the head.

[Princess Hana] *Bows head low to the table* I really must thank you for your hospitality here.

I nearly gaped at her, but held my mouth closed. My mom looked at her.

[Yoshino] Oh! You don't have to bow your a princess!

[Princess Hana] I learned the etiquette of the common people from my father so that I can know how it feels to be a common a person, although I will never truely be one, if I know how they feel I can help understand and rule as better queen one day. *Smiles politely*

[Yoshino] I see, well then I'll treat you as an equal.

[Princess Hana] Thank you very much Yoshino-san!

[Shikaku] I'm home!

[Me] {I guess Tsunade gave him a break to meet the princess.. tonight's going to be troublesome..}

[Me] Welcome home husband! I'm going to start lunch, Princess Hana is already here.

Shikaku walked in and looked towards Princess Hana.

[Shikaku] Hello my name is Shikaku, and I see you've met my son Shikamaru and my wife Yoshino.

[Princess Hana] Yes! You have a lovely family, and home! Thank you for your hospitality. *Bows again*

[Shikaku] Thank you, it's all thanks to my wife. *Smiles* And it's a pleasure to have you.

[Me] {Does Tsunade think this politeness will last?..}


After we finished lunch I decided it might be time to give Princess Hana some basic lessons.

[Me] *Stands up* Would you like to go over your first ninja lesson?

[Yoshino] Shi-

[Princess Hana] Yes! Of course!

Mom shrugged her shoulders.

[Me] Did you bring any clothes to practice in?

[Princess Hana] Ah! I apologize I didn't think to do that.

[Me] That's okay we can go over some basic training that isn't physical. Follow me.

[Princess Hana] *Stands up and begins to follow Shikamaru to his room*

[Yoshino] Your not taking her to your room are you?

[Me] *Blushes* Mom! I'm training her! It's not like that!

[Yoshino] *Glares*

[Me] Geez we'll practice outside I guess.. {Now your kimono will get even more ruined..}

I sighed as I lead her outside, I stayed close to the house so she didn't have to drag her kimono too much, and no one else could stare at me and her.

[Me] Alright I'm going to teach you the most basic ninja ability, to concentrate on chakra, do you know what chakra is?

[Princess Hana] *Shakes her head* I'm sorry, where I come from you only learned ninja abilities to be apart of the military, or apart of a squad to enforce law.

[Me] It's fine, I'm actually teaching students at I know how to teach the basics.

[Princess Hana] *Smiles* Oh can I ask you a favor? *Blushes slightly*

[Me] Hm?

[Princess Hana] I know it might feel and seem really weird, but.. could you please call me just Hana? I would like to be your friend. *Smiles brightly*

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Chapter 2
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