A Princess For A Lazy Bum (Character Information)
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Published: 2013-12-01 17:06:28
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This is just character information for my second fanfiction. I will preview the first chapter.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
This is a Naruto fanfiction. Naruto is owned by Kishimoto Masashi and all his character's and original storyline belong to him, my character(s) and plot belong to the author me. If you see this on Quizilla it is mine, my name on there is ziviorxlovesozivi
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~--Character Information--~

Name: Hana Kaneda

Age: 12

Personality: A space case, but a sweet heart. She never get's angry, she always has a calm demeanor in front of adults, but amongst people of her own age she lets loose a little and can be very bashful.

Background: Hana is from a country on the other side of the world from the ninja villages. She is a princess. The ninja villages don't usually interact much with the other countries, but the king of Hana's country has been trying to hide his daughter since she was born, because she is not a male heir. So eventually the idea is suggested he sends her to Konoha, and he immediately agrees to it. In the village Hana is supposed to learn some basic ninja abilities to defend herself, and learn to act like a boy so she can come back and pretend to be a male heir to the throne.



Shikamaru's P.O.V. I headed off to Tsunade's office to hear the mission she had for me.

[Me]{What a bother..}

I looked up at the sky and sighed. Ever since I became a chunin everything's become a lot more troublesome than I ever thought it's be. I just wanted to have a job as a ninja, and get a wife someday and have normal life. I would've been happy if I stayed genin. Now that Tsunade is calling me in I know this is going to be some tough scary mission.

[Me]{Couldn't she get a jounin for whatever this is?}

Once I reached the office Shizune was there but Tsunade wasn't around.

[Me] Where is Tsunade Sama?

[Shizune] Ah Shikamaru-kun Tsunade will be here shortly she's bringing in the client that you will be working with.

[Me] ? Oh well okay should I just wait here?

[Shizune] Yeah you can just sit down, I have to go take care of somethings Tsunade will be right with you.

She bowed then walked out the door holding a clipboard. I sighed sitting on the couch staring at the ceiling. I was already looking after the children at the academy since Tsunade has been using Iruka for mission, now I have to look over a client too?

[Me]{What kind of mission even is this?}


Tsunade arrived after a while with a beautiful girl around my age. She was dressed like nobility, layers and layers of Kimono, and her nearly touched the floor it was so long. I sat up straight.

[Tsunade] Good Shikamaru, your here. This is Princess Hana.

The girl smiled politely.

[Me]{A-A princess? She must be from far away.. there aren't even princesses around here..} *Bows low* Nice to meet you, I'm Shikamaru.

[Tsunade] Now for your mission Shikamaru, is to protect Hana, teach her some basic shinobi skills, and also... train her to act more like a boy.


--End Preview---

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Chapter 1
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