A Lovely Day
Author: RainbowRaver
Content Rating: T-13
Published: 2012-10-20 00:08:22
Tags: Bleach, Kenpachi, OC, Romance, Action, General

So gets sworn in, Shuhei is confused.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
Rated 13 for a few fights and Kenpachi's language. This story is also featured on Fanfiction under my slightly longer name Rainbow Raver Waffles.
Chapter 1
First Chapter

A Lovely Day

The weather was mild, sky soft blue and dotted with fluffy white clouds. Across the Seireitei peace was abound. The number of hollows escaping from Hueco Mundo was minimal and the workload for squads and their captains was also minimal, giving everyone a relaxed demeanor.

After that whole mess with the winter war they could all use some down time but, how much was too much? The calm had lasted for almost six months now and with that calm came a serious boredom. The only thing worse than a world shattering, life threatening enemy lingering just beyond reach was a crop of bored shinigami, especially where the captains were concerned. 

Among them and their subordinates rumors could start to circulate, and they did, oh how they did. A few of the ones that had come to being, and been promptly debunked, included word that Matsumoto was having a love affair with Omaeda, Kurotsuchi was releasing monsters into fourth and eleventh squad barracks at night, Yumichika shaved his head bald while drunk and was now wearing a wig, and that Unohana and Yamamoto had conceived a love child and were now trying to hide it. None of these, as previously mentioned, actually happened, thankfully, but there was one rumor about to come true. 

About a month earlier talk had started about a possible replacement captain for the ninth squad. Shuhei hadn’t been denying or confirming either way, mostly because he didn’t know, but today, this lovely, lovely bit of today held the answer. He was, in fact, going to receive a new captain, was in the process of it actually.

In the usual meeting hall all captains and their lieutenants stood. They’d come to line just a moment ago, Yamamoto at the head, Shuhei beside him. It was nerve wracking to be at the front but thrilling all the same. He was excited to see who this newcomer would be, who he would be taking orders from now. He wasn’t sure if they’d live up to the memory of Tosen, though the man had betrayed them Shuhei still found it hard to kill off all the admiration he’d built up over the years, but he was willing to see where things would go.

The nervous mulling, the light buzz of whispered voices, died down as the Captain General struck his staff against the ground, it was time. 

“Come forward” the elder commanded in his echoing voice.

Everyone watched carefully, eyes on the door that was swinging open slowly. They all had their speculations on what this new captain would be like. Someone strong obviously, to reach captains rank you had to be strong, but what else? Would they be cool and level headed like Tosen used to be? Perhaps brash and hard headed like Zaraki? Gentle and intelligent like Unohana? The possibilities were endless when they had no idea what to expect, and that’s why the reveal was so much more shocking than anyone could have imagined. 

She shuffled in with her head bowed, hands before her, gripping at a lock of thick black hair. He could hardly see her, a petite thing swimming in her uniform, her hair a shiny black cloak that fell to her knees, pinned up with several ornamental clips and clasps that chimed occasionally with her slow steps. Her bangs covered her eyes with the way she was looking down, along with most of her face, leaving only her pale hands to be seen.

Her footfalls were light and as she drew closer he was able to appreciate her small stature. She was at least a foot shorter than him! At least. If he had to make an estimate he’d say about four six, really he would be off by two inches as she was actually four eight, and she couldn’t weigh more than one hundred pounds, if that! 

He stared at her, incredulous for a moment, but shook himself out of it quickly. It didn’t matter how shocked he was, he couldn’t be rude, for all he knew there was a powerhouse in that body, for all he knew she was completely out of her mind. 
“Akane Sachiko Igami” Yamamoto addressed her and her head shot up, hair flaring around her. Shuhei looked directly at her face, her gaze on the elder beside him giving him the perfect opportunity to scope her out discreetly. Her eyes were blue, bright blue and large, framed by thick black lashes. Her face was just as pale as her hands, though a steady blush was spread across her rounded cheeks, creeping into her ears and down her neck. She looked nervous, pink lips parted slightly, almost in an o shape. She looked so nervous…

She was nervous. Akane, or So as she preferred to be called, had never been particularly good in gatherings of this type. Professional and focused on her… mostly it was the focused on her part that she wasn’t good at. She could handle the professional part just fine; she was a professional person most of the time… okay some of the time… eh occasionally, anyway, that she could do. Her downfall was the focus, she didn’t handle attention well, she was shy, painfully so and this was so very far out of her line of comfort. She thought she might faint honestly, and she wasn’t a girl who took faint easily. 

The Captain General addressed her again, speaking of why they were here, the responsibilities now bestowed upon her by taking up this job. She nodded along with him almost imperceptibly as the others gazed at her, some to the point of gawking at her. She went oblivious, but Shuhei didn’t. 

The two most disturbed by her seemed to be Zaraki and Kurotsuchi. Both were sporting sneers of serious disapproval that looked eerily similar and that made Shuhei’s stomach flip uncomfortably. He wondered if the two men were aware of how much they looked alike at the moment and made a note to never, ever mention it to them. Last thing he wanted was a fight with either, or for them to get together and decide to gang up on him. 

He shuddered at the thought and let his eyes trail back to his soon to be captain. She was speaking now, her voice a soft whisper that he had to strain to hear. 

“I swear” she began, her voice a gentle mumble “to uphold and adhere to all responsibilities and rules as dictated by my position as captain.” She paused to take a soft breath. “I promise to do my best in protecting and cooperating with my squad and to lead it with integrity and all my given wisdom.”

Shuhei watched a slight change happen in her then. As the last words left her mouth, her gaze slid up farther, her eyes locking with Yamamoto’s. She worried her bottom lip gently for a moment before releasing, her eyes full of a solid resolve, a firmness he hadn’t expected so suddenly. Though she was nervous she also seemed determined… Maybe he wouldn’t have so much to worry about after all?

“Very well” the elder said. “Then I appoint you, Akane Igami, Captain of the Ninth Squad.” He presented the captain’s haori to her and she took it, holding it gingerly in her small hands. She really had it, it was there, tangible. She was touching it, feeling it. With a shuddering breath she swung it around, sliding it onto her small body with a flair gained from constant costumed dancing and allowed herself a soft smile. 

“Lieutenant Hisagi” he looked up as he was addressed. “Show your captain the way… Dismissed!”

Everyone was quick to shuffle out, though she stood still, watching them all go. The room had cleared out before she dared to move, shocking Shuhei out of his third or fourth laps of staring at her.  

She’d only taken a short step forward, faltered after it and tugged at her hair again. It was awfully long he noticed again, and swayed slowly near her knees. She seemed to like tugging at it like that… or maybe it was just a nervous habit, kind of like biting your nails or something. 

She made a soft noise and he kicked his train of thought back on track. 

“So, uh…” Shuhei coughed at the awkwardness of it all. “Wanna… get going?”

She looked up at him with a sudden turn of her head that looked a little less than comfortable and settled those wide eyes on him. It was a kind of creepy if he was going to be completely honest with himself. Not Mayuri creepy of course, but creepy all the same... More like doll creepy, okay he really needed to stop letting his thoughts wander. 

He focused back on her, completely, and just managed to catch her nodding, hair bobbing about around her head. She didn’t say anything though, which heightened the creep factor, and he took to walking quickly. 

She shuffled behind him, trying to keep up with his long stride. As per usual the lengthy legs of her uniform made her stumble and as they exited the building she crashed into the wall, bouncing back from the stone to land with a thud on her back, two of the more ornate clasps in her hair ringing softly as their charms collided with each other and the floor. 

She yelped and gasped, air effectively knocked out of her. Shuhei swore, turning quickly on his heel to rush to her side. He knelt there, propping her up slowly. 

“A-Are you alright Captain?” he asked, wincing as she coughed.

“Mh” she nodded and waved a dainty hand at him dismissively, eyes squeezed shut as she leaned forward and slowly rose to her feet. He helped her as much as he could of course, which wasn’t much since she’d all but sprung up, or at least tried to.
Rubbing her forehead gently she stepped out the door, waving Shuhei over. He took the hint and kept on, now glancing back occasionally to make sure she didn’t fall again.

She really did need to get clothes that fit some time. It was such a bother when she fell like that, it always hurt and it most definitely was embarrassing. Even now she could feel the hot blush creeping up her neck and into her cheeks. It was lovely, really. Her first day on the job, her first few minutes, and her lieutenant probably already thought she was an incompetent klutz. Heaving a sigh she grabbed onto her hair again, a larger bit this time, and wrung it tightly in her hands. She really needed to cut it; she really, really needed to cut it. 

“Can you uh…” Shuhei coughed again and she looked up at him, she’d almost forgotten he was there. “Can you use shunpo, Captain?” He looked over his shoulder at her and caught her nod, hoping that was the go ahead to use it. She could follow him, right? He sped off and was at the barracks not long after. Thankfully she had followed; kept up perfectly fine she had, and was standing beside him. 

Her gaze was settled on the buildings of the ninth division, her eyes wide with wonder. She could hardly believe it. She was a captain, she was really a captain. As they walked in, heads turning as they went, she let herself bask in the amazement of it all. She was quite disconnected, unaware of the looks she was getting. Most of them were of disbelief, some of humor, but most of simple and sheer confusion. After all, she was quite tiny and feminine, a large change from their previous captain and contrast to their lieutenant, and she was unarmed. 

But, again, she didn’t notice. She was oblivious to all around her till they reached the office. It was the standard deal, though perhaps a little more inclined to the writing type with its own printing apparatus and bookshelf probably much larger than was necessary. She liked it quite a bit and went instantly over to inspect it. The books there were numerous and varied and she wondered how many of them she was allowed to read. Surely some of them had to belong to the previous captain…

“Your name is Akane Igami right?”

She turned from her observation to gaze at Shuhei, again she’d almost forgotten about him, and nodded. 

“I prefer going by So, or Soichi, but Igami or Akane are dually fine… I’d prefer you not call me Sachiko though…  Your name is Shuhei Hisgai, correct?” She tilted her head to the side and gave a slight smile. Shuhei returned it slowly. She was still pretty awkward, her speech was slow and quiet, and she seemed to be trying to fold in on herself with the way she slumped forward now, but she was kind of cute when she smiled like that. She looked a lot like a little kid, a kid that was shy and maybe a little scared but curious all the same.        

He nodded at her question and managed to retain his expression. “Nice to meet you Captain” he said, holding his hand out. 
She grasped it, her grip was firmer than he thought it might be, and shook.  “It’s nice to meet you too.”

They released and she turned to her new desk, brushing her hand slowly against the polished wood before walking around, dropping down in the seat. She sunk into it and her feet didn’t touch the floor but she was used to things like that and didn’t mind. Most things were a little too large for her and she’d long ago decided that too large trumped too small by quite a bit.

Really wanting to settle in she rested her arms on the desk and rested her head on top of them. It was quite the comfy desk; she could see herself sleeping at it often and began to drift off even then. She felt her eyes grow heavy and her thoughts begin to fuzz. She probably would have fallen asleep right then and there if it hadn’t been for Shuhei speaking up. Really, how often was she going to forget about him?

“Uh… Captain?” He sounded rather unsure of himself and seemed to stiffen when she raised her head to look at him. “Are you alright?”

Was she alright… She smiled at him, it was a timid smile, and nodded her head from side to side. Though he didn’t know it yet, that was her trademarked way of saying ‘fine, just sleepy.’ 

“Alright… well, is there anything you need?” He felt odd, having such a hard time communicating with her. She was just kind of weird and, even though he was used to weird people, he wasn’t used to weird people who didn’t talk and who stared blankly at nothing. Though Tousen was never overly chatty he at least got yes or no responses out of the man, but Igami seemed to be trying to avoid as much conversation as possible. 

She shrugged, further punctuating his point, and then opened her mouth to speak in that soft, soft voice. “Tell me ‘bout the squad? I need t’ know ‘ow ta do my job I s’pose.” 

He was quite taken aback by her sudden change in speech. She’d gone from that slow mumble of full words to a quicker, more broken tone, her words falling apart into contractions, just barely avoiding running together. He wondered if the change was conscious.

It wasn’t, not completely anyway. 

“About the squad? And your job?” Shuhei rubbed at the back of his neck as he regarded her, trying to figure a starting point. “Well” he sat at his own desk and ran a hand through his disheveled hair. “It’s mostly paperwork when there’s nothing to do out in the field. Not much Hollow activity lately so yeah… mostly paperwork.” He nodded and gave a nervous laugh that she didn’t seem to realize was nervous and smiled back at him nodding. 

She waved at him gently in a ‘go on’ motion, elbow propped on the desk, head in her hand as she listened. 

Shuhei suppressed a sigh and continued to list off anything and everything he thought might be important. Since she wasn’t elaborating on her question any more he was shooting in the dark and starting to feel mildly annoyed with her. Still, he continued on, it didn’t matter how odd she was, she was his captain now and he would respect her. He just really hoped she’d open up eventually and knew deep down that this would be a very, very interesting experience.   
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