Mythos: Kindness
Author: japancat
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Published: 2012-10-14 01:41:01
Tags: Yuyu Hakusho, Mukuro

A gesture can mean a thousand things.

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There was a man who loved his wife and children. He gave to the poor, sheltered those who needed it. That sort of thing. He was killed on his doorstep one day, mistaken for another who lived in the area. No one ever remembered him after that.

That was the definition of kindness. The saying that No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. Because as far as we're concerned, what happens in hell is more important and more interesting than what happens when you reach heaven.

That was the mantra that Mukuro lived by. Trust no one. Kindness always has a price. Though she wished there was something more to this world than sitting in a cold war with someone out there, having lived a life being used by a man that was supposed to raise her as his little princess.

And so she accepted the way things were. That no one could be kind, that she would always be used if she doesn't use them first. That one day every year, locking herself in her room trying to forget.

This last time Hiei brought her freedom from the cycle in a potted plant, the strange fruit once a man.

"Happy Birthday," he said.

And then she understood.

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Chapter 1
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