SfH 6 Late Christmas and New Year's Special
Author: japancat
Content Rating: T-13
Published: 2012-07-20 00:09:31
Tags: Yu Yu Hakusho, Parody, Humor

A late Christmas/New Year's special. Originally written in January.

Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
The part with Sexy Back was based off of wwwBLACK20.com's video It's A Black20 Christmas Charlie Brown: Sexy Back so don't ask.
Chapter 6
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"This anime is going to die!" Yusuke cried as he slammed his hands on the desk dramatically. Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei, and hell let's throw in our favorite female demon in there, Mukuro were not amused. Come to think of it, have we ever seen Mukuro amused? Well maybe it's because that one book about Yu Yu Hakusho spelled Makuro and used whole instead of hole. Who the hell is this Makuro and what is this Makuro doing with Hiei anyway? That's kinda creepy. Like the kids in all these ads on TV. Well the point is that none of these people were amused. Let's put Yomi in the paragraph. And Karasu too. And the pedobear.

"This anime's already over. It's a bit late for that," Hiei replied.

"No! We must keep making fillers and fillers just like Naruto! And keep killing people and bringing them back like in DBZ and throw in pirahanas like in Super Mario."

"And how will that keep us from dying?" Kurama asked.

"People love retards following an unreachable dream and loads of noncanon sex! That's why I propose a hentai Christmas Special/New Year sequence!"


"Santa Claus was German. Your topic fails."

"And you called us all here to make a hentai?" Mukuro asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"You don't get it! Animes can die... But Hentai... Hentai lives FOREVER! Haven't you heard of Legend of the Overfiend? It lived! It went and inspired the crappy ending to the Silent Hill movie!" Yusuke added on a crazy laugh. "And I do it for the lulz."

"And how are you planning to do that when there are no women here?"

"What, don't you count?"

"I'm a hermephrodite. So no, I don't."


"No. But I refuse to take part in this either way."

"Yeah, you should leave her out of this," Hiei replied.

"Why's that?"

"Can we move onto a new subject? The readers are getting bored," Kurama broke in.

"Is it them or you?" Kuwabara asked.

"...Can it be both?"

"You know what? Fine! Be a bunch of wussies! Let's just have a crappy everyday Christmas Special!" Yusuke growled.

"It's the middle of January, how can we...?" Mukuro was cut off.

"Quiet in the peanut gallery! Okay so do we start with the jolly fat man in red?"

"Winston Churchill?" Kuwabara asked.


"Can we not?" Mukuro replied.

"Why not?" Everybody turned to her.

"My father was fat. I hated him. In fact I was surprised he could even get out of bed."

"But you loved him and he loved you. So that doesn't matter." Yusuke said.

"No, he wanted to hack off my head so he could stick it down my throat. It wasn't a happy experience to say the least."

"Yeah but Santa's so jolly and round and red and lovable! You gotta make an exception. Here's a picture!" YUsuke flashed a picture of the jolly red man standing in front of a Christmas tree with his bag of goodies and happy sugary little crap like that. Mukuro was not amused. Just as... ADOLF HITLER: He is not amused.

"He looked like my father with a white beard and dressed as a burglar."

"Goddammit I killed him, just shut up about him!" Hiei growled.

"Let's all agree to disagree."

"What else can we do if we don't feature Santa Claus in any way? I mean that's what your whole idea was, just to feature him throughout the theme of Christmas. But in all actuality, Yusuke. Christmas in Japan is simply a marketing tool to bring in more money for big business for our capitialist government. Damn the capitalist government. That's why I'm a communist. Yay! Stalin! But anyway, what I'm saying is that basically in our cold suburban home here in Tokyo, Japan is just using Christmas as an economic device," said... Kuwabara. Yes, Kuwabara. "I'll tell you what Christmas is supposed to be about. It's a religous holiday created by the Christians as an alternative to the Jewish Chanukkah and celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. But even though his birthday really occured in the spring or summer it's celebrated in the winter to take after the pagan Winter Solstice."

"Kuwabara, here's an alternate for you... SHUT UP!" Yusuke growled. "God, that's something you'd expect from Kurama."

"Hey!" Kurama DOES NOT WANT. "And for the record, that's not what Christmas is all about."

"What is it all about?"

Music started playing and everybody started dancing.

"You think you're bringing sexy back
Your ballsy bag don't know how to act
I'm lil Chris I wear a stupid hat
Flick it to the side panel..." Yeah, let's... Let's quit typing there...

But the point is that it started playing and about halfway through it stopped and Kurama said, "That's what Christmas is all about."

Head desk. "Let's go give each other gifts instead."

"It's January sixth though," Mukuro shot back.

'Yeah and in Mexico it's Three King's Day! Shut up!" Come to think of it Yusuke kinda thought demons should have a Three Kings Day. That'd be awesome. "What're you all looking at me for? Go get presents for each other! Quit looking at me! Shit!"

So about an hour later everybody came back to... Dammit. That place they met up at.

"Okay. So let's open up gifts. Mukuro, let's start with you since you're the least liked and possibly the oldest out of us which may or may not be true considering Kurama's real age," Yusuke said when they all came back.

"Well I got a bomb." She took it out.

"HOLY HELL IT'S GONNA EXPLODE!" Kurama screamed and they all ran away. Thus concluding this story. Finally.

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Chapter 6
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