Doubt~ Chapter 1: Premonitions
Author: japancat
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Published: 2012-07-02 14:57:06
Tags: Yu Yu Hakusho, Kurama, Shuichi Minamino, Hiei, Mukuro, Maya


Author´s Notes and Disclaimers:
One disclaimer for the whole thing. Don't own this. Period. Maya if from the Two Shots story from volume seven of the manga. I used the bay area because I know it so well. The college at Monterrey has empty buildings to so it's like the ideal place for a ghost story. And Sacramento is a city everyone in Cali knows. And that's all that you need to know. (PS, I changed the title because I thought it was stupid.)
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1: Premonitions

Shuichi Minamino pulled up to the building, taking one final glance at the post-it on his dashboard to confirm that it was the correct address. Of course, the woman on the phone- the chief, apparently- told him that it was pretty much in the middle of bumfuck nowhere so he shouldn't be able to miss it. A big grey box in the middle of some dunes near the outskirts of town... Yeah, this was definitely the place.

He stepped out of the car and the woman standing in front of the building, coffee mug in hand, nodded to him before walking his way. She was short, maybe- what- five-three, five-two? She had a half smile on her face in contrast to the slight tilt of her brows into a glare. (Or rather her brow, considering that the right half of her face was covered by her combed over auburn hair. Taking a quick glance at her face, Shuichi saw there were etchings of scars across the bridge of her nose, going down to her neck, and presumably, all over that side of her face.) She took the mug into her left hand and held out her right to shake. That being done, she asked, "You're here for the interview, I take it?" What kind of accent was that? Irish? She certainly had the look down.

When he nodded, she went on, "Okay, then follow me to my office and we'll get the paperwork done for you. By the way, my name's Mukuro Reeve, but you'll call me what you will. Most people refer to me just as Chief for some reason. Kind of comes with the position, I guess..."

He followed behind her, glancing around the building. The walls were the same color as those in a DMV- off white with an air of being trapped in a prison until they call your number three hours later. It was a series of desks arranged in pairs around the room, each one equipped with a computer and piles of papers. Along the wall closest to Mukuro's office was a row of grey filing cabinets, interrupted only by the table with a coffee maker and cups and a mini refrigerator. At one of them was a small pale dark haired man who stared at them until they entered the office.

Mukuro sat him down in one of the two chairs in front of her desk. She shifted through the piles of papers arranged randomly on her desk, went through the drawers, and after a sigh, went to one of the cabinets next to the bookshelf and pulled out a sheet of paper and a clipboard. "This is pretty straightforward. Just fill in any of the information. With your apparent background, it shouldn't be too difficult to fill in all of the blanks." Shuichi cocked a brow and started filling it out. After about ten minutes he handed the sheet back to her.

 She glanced at the papers and then at him. "So you are Shuichi Minamino? The infamous Shuichi Minamino?"

Infamous? "Yes, Miss..." He paused to allow her to fill in the blank. The response was a cocked eyebrow as if to say, "Don't push it, you bastard."

He liked to think that she didn't notice the gesture or just wasn't paying attention to anything past the word "Yes." She continued on with the interview. "Just wanted to make sure. We had gotten word that three people were supposed to show up since last week. So far you're the only one that's come forward. I suppose it's best not to think too hard about what went on there. Let's get down to business, shall we? So what the academy said was that you were such a spectacular guy they recommended that you come here as soon as you moved in here at Monterrey. It says something about you being at the top of your class and..." She flipped through the papers and cocked a brow. "Is there any reason that you moved here? It's quite a drive coming from..." She went back to the page. "...Sacramento. And it's an entirely different atmosphere all things considered and I can't imagine you just having any tie to this city."

"My mother had an illness recently. I just wanted to be near her when it happens again. She gets sick easily. About the recommendation... I don't understand that. I just graduated and I was supposed to be working for the city of Monterrey..."

"Who said that we weren't? We're just a special forces unit that only certain people can join. They wanted their best man to get into a good department. Don't worry about that at all. I'm glad you came here. We've been needing people lately. A lot of people have been retiring since last year and it's been trouble trying to compensate for them all. No one wants to have this job anymore since they started showing the CHP officer killings in the news. We were lucky even to say we had three possible new members... You know, Monterrey not too bad. If you want me to be perfectly honest, I think we're more in control in this city than the capital." She shook his hand again. "Welcome to the team."

He suddenly felt some sort of shock wave within his body causing him to freeze up. He felt intense paranoia and the feeling of someone probing through his mind. There was a clear image in his mind of a hand splitting his head open and groping around through each of his memories, picking each one out and leaving a sharp prick in the center of his head. Some twisted phantasmagoria of memories began to flash before his eyes. Before he knew it, the woman was helping him up though a look of apathy was pasted on her face.

"Are you okay, Kurama?" she asked. "You just fainted. Must be too cold for you or something. I'm always hot so I don't feel the cold."

"Yes, I'm okay. Wait, what did you call me?"

"Kurama. The name kind of suits you. I heard a story when I was a child about a spirit fox named Youko Kurama. According to legend, he and his partner were both ruthless killers. Apparently Kurama would pick any lock and break any seal. He brought a lot of fear even around here. He was last seen around... Twenty four years ago more or less. You look like him too..."

"Excuse me?"

She made her half smile again and walked to the door. She motioned for Shuichi to follow her out. "Did I mention that you came at the perfect time? I don't recall telling you that. There's actually someone here that needs a partner too. I'll introduce you. Wait here..." She walked away and came back within five minutes with the pale man who was at the filing cabinets. He about a head shorter than she was and looked like he was still a minor around fifteen or so (though it could have been because of his height) since there were no real signs of his aging. His hair stood up in pikes, the black interrupted above his forehead in a outburst of white. Looking at him close, Shuichi saw the traces of dark circles under his eyes, his habit of fidgeting constantly. But there was one trait in particular that caught Shuichi's interest. His eyes. His eyes were a bright shade of red. It meant one thing.

"Hiei Heinrichovich," he introduced himself in a heavy Russian accent. He looked Shuichi up and down as though sizing him up.

"Minamino Shuichi." He held out his hand for it to be shaken. Hiei stared at the hand and then at Shuichi but he didn't even acknowledge the gesture.

"Shuichi? Mukuro, I thought you said his name was Kurama. Someone's wrong here."

She ignored that comment. "Well, that looks like it's been taken care of. You guys can get to know each other later. Be here tomorrow morning at ten, Minamino. I'll have everything set up for you for your first case. That goes for you, too, Hiei. But I don't have to say anything to you either." She started on her way back to the office. "By the way, Hiei, could you put on another pot of coffee?"

"I'm not your servant," he replied. She shrugged and went into her office with a powerful slam of the door. Hiei groaned and cursed under his breath in his native tongue. He glanced at Shuichi again with his mix of a frown and a half-smile. "We must really be desperate to let some new person in this fast. I bet she probably gave you some bullshit story about how no one ever applies to be here. You had to have done something terrible."

"I was meaning to ask about that. How can you already get a letter of recommendation if I barely graduated from the academy? I hadn't started applying for any departments yet I got a letter from the last chief here the day I graduated that I was already accepted here. I don't understand how that works."

"Like I said, you had to have done SOMETHING terrible. No one ever gets recommended here on good behavior. If you're good then you have to apply. You should know that with you being what you are."

"I'm not understanding."

"Just looking at you... I'd say that body isn't even yours. That's a pretty severe crime legally. Snatching someone's life like that is also frowned upon no matter where you come from. There's nothing terrible about being a body thief at all. That's just weak."

"I don't know what you're trying to say."

"Don't play dumb. It doesn't suit you." He looked at the clock and cursed in his native tongue again. "I have better things to do. Go home."


Maya Kitajima growled in frustration as she stared at her watch. "Man, I'm ten minutes early. I really need to reset my alarm. I keep thinking I woke up late... But I guess I can take my time today..." She stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and took out the newspaper tucked in between the pages of her textbook. She turned to page four to the coverage of the Mannequin Murderer, so this paper called it. Bodies were found in the area of what was once a mannequin factory chopped into pieces and the victim could never be "put together again," since most parts were gone. Police suspect cannibalism. Targets look like they're young women, though there's been a lot of findings of teenage boys. 

If there was anything about this case that Maya was sure about, it was that this killer can't be a human. Self proclaimed master cyptidzoologist, ufologist, and anything else in the area of the paranormal, she was sure that that was the case. "Maybe I should go there tonight, too." She smiled at the thought, not at the possibility of having the fame of solving the murders and proving the existence of some sort of strange thing that goes bump in the night, just the aspect of having a solid sense of adventure for once in her twenty-three years of living. She started to walk while stuffing the newspaper in her textbook but walked into someone, dropping her books in surprise.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going..." Her face flushed and she dropped to her knees. She struggled to pile her books and papers together. She stopped when she saw another pair of hands helping her. She felt more blood rush to her face, her hands start to shake, and she took the last of the papers. She swallowed the lump in her throat and mumbled, "Oh... Thank you so much. I'm such a klutz and... I'm so sorry. I really should have been looking where I was going and..."

"It's okay. Really. I won't hurt you," Shuichi replied with a smile. "I'm not in a hurry or anything. And besides that... How can I do that to an old friend?"

She paused and leaned forward as if to inspect every inch of his face. "Hey! You're... Are you Shuichi Minamino?"

"Yes. Yes I am." He pulled back a bit.

"I thought so! How could I forget your face?" He helped her up as she went on, "I can't believe I would run into you like this. But I guess I should be glad it's you since you wouldn't hurt a fly."

He chuckled at that. More at the irony behind the statement than anything else. "You don't know, Maya, maybe I wanted to become a rogue cop after leaving the academy."

She laughed. "That'll be the day. You're too much of a nice guy to do that. Your idea of that would be just jaywalking all over the place on the job and speeding one mile above the speed limit... But... I didn't know you came here. It's a long drive moving in here from Sacramento, isn't it? Like, what, two-three hours? I found that out the hard way." And under her breath, "I guess it's still worth it."

"My mother moved here shortly after we graduated high school because of my stepfather's promotion. She got sick last year so I decided that I wanted to move in somewhere near her. I actually live about a couple of blocks from her now. I'm glad I got to see you again. It's been so long. To be honest, I kind of forgot you went here. I got most people mixed up. For some reason, I was sure you went to UOP or Davis."

"Um, yeah... But you know, I don't think I've changed much. But I almost didn't recognize you with your hair so long. I think you're prettier than I am! Do they really let you keep your hair like that? And I also tried to email you so many times but I lost the paper I wrote it on. So how is your mother right now? She was such a sweetheart from what I remember."

"Her health is still good, but I still need to go visit her. I've been so busy moving in lately."

"We should go catch up over a Starbucks coffee." She glanced at her watch again. "Ack! But not now! I'll see you later Shuichi!" She ran off feeling her face burn up again. Her roommate would say she's never seen Maya happier.


The time was five minutes past midnight. Out in the woods passed the army base, a beaten down Honda civic pulled up on the dirt path and three high school boys about seventeen years of age walked in a formation not unlike birds flying in a flock with the one at the center of the formation holding a flashlight. They went up the steep path, sliding a bit on the damp earth and pushing each other slightly along the way.

"Let's ditch this place, man. I'm so tired. I just wanna get some sleep," the one to the left said. He stopped and made a show out of yawning. The one on the right rolled his eyes.

"Shut up. We get fifty bucks if we do this. Unless you don't wanna get that one thing you wanted. Shit, I can't remember what it was," the one with the flashlight hissed. "What was it like, Halo or some shit like that?"

"Oh yeah. You're so much more brave than he is. And fifty bucks is only, what, less than a quarter tank of gas here in California? What can you get that's any good and fifty bucks?" the one to the right asked.

"Man... It reminds me of that one creepy pasta with the guys standing around that table with that knife in it and it's all white and..." the left one shuddered. "Hey, don't look at me like that! That shit's scary. I couldn't sleep for a week after that, okay? And I had to sit with the light on. My bro still calls me a pussy."

"Cause you are, dumb ass. You also thought that Nyx thing from Persona 3 looked like something from a creepy pasta. You can't even play Persona without getting as scared and wimpy. Why don't you call up your grandma and have her give you your baa-baa..."

"You're an ass hat."

"Both of you shut up!" the leader growled as he kicked the door open. The other two shrugged and walked in the building. "Hey I bet this'll make a good hideout. You know I heard this used to be a mannequin factory. Bet they have the stuff to make the perfect girls if you know what I mean..."

"But didn't you forget that this place is haunted?" the one on the left whispered. "There was a fire here and lots of people died here. That's why Kenji told us to come here right now. Cause he said..."

"I know what he said, we were there! ...But, hell... You're right. This place is scary... I think... Oh do you see that?" the one on the right screamed causing the other two to scream. "Ha! Fooled you! Man, did you see the look on his face? Check your diaper for piss!"

"You jerk! I'm gonna get you for this!"

"Ooooh... I'm the ghost of the mannequins... Put on this dress... It costs twenty bucks... Ooooh... Look at me doing spirit fingers! Look!" He wiggled his fingers in his friend's face until he got socked in the ribs.

The leader twisted around. "What the...? I thought I heard something." He turned the flashlight around the room. His breathing picked up speed and the hairs on the back of his head started to stand up. His hand started to shake so much that he dropped the light. When he bent down he saw the outline of a foot in the light. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh..."

"Not you too! You guys need to stop."

"No seriously! I just... Oh god, where'd it go?"

A hand reached over and...

/And there was none.

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