Author: Animelove24
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Published: 2012-06-07 03:55:56
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Chapter 2
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  I suppose I should start from the beginning. Yea, that would be the best place. It all started with one tiny, insignificant mosquito. Just one stupid bug that pisses people off in general. You know what I'm talking about, don't tell me that there's a point in your life where you've said "Oh of course blood-sucking demon, suck all the blood you want. And as a bonus I'll let you buzz in my ear for minutes at a time!". Well guess what? That son of a bitch managed to piss the whole world in one fell swoop. At first one dude in India got bit. No B.D. people get bit all the time. But then he started to get sick...At first it was just a bad fever and some vomiting so the doctors thought it was West Nile virus; but they were wrong. The gave him the meds. but he just got worse; started doing strange thing. The man started to go...crazy...He started becoming confused, would end up in places and didn't know how he got there, didn't know who his family was, and sometimes wouldn't even remember his own name. Then came the hallucinations. He kept saying his mouth tasted salty like he was chewing on coins, he also said he could smell the sea, but people just told him that he was smelling his excessive sweat. The finale was delusions where the man kept thinking the people around him were trying to attack him, so he attacked them first. He would scratch, claw, punch, kick anything he could to get away from the non-existent attackers. The man eventually became so violent and enraged that he bit his wife...and then ran away. The authorities eventually tracked him down to a village on the edge of a forest; a village where he had slaughtered everyone and eaten their flesh. He tried to attack them too, so they shot him down.
    It was too late however. What was done was done. The apparent doom of the human race was here and the coming of The Psycho's was upon us. The people he killed in that village he had run off to didn't become infected. No, they were just dead. Because you see, the man himself wasn't a zombie, he wasn't the undead or the walking dead; he was just crazy. And so was his wife, and the nurse she spit blood onto, and little girl the nurse bled on, the mother, the husband, the dog, the cat, the crazy cat lady...everyone was just crazy.
    As crazy as that other man the mosquito bit who was in the airport on his way to England and the women on her way to the United States who accident brought it on the plane with her. Thankfully a stewardess finally killed it but again it was too late. Soon everyone around the world was getting sick. Scientists were trying to fix it, the government was trying to contain it. They started putting up make-shift quarantine shelters up in the bigger towns where they would put anyone who was sick so that they wouldn't infect others. Note that I said sick, not infected. That's because they would put a person in there just for having a cold; but hell, better safe than sorry. Those sick people were sure sorry, since because they were in there long enough, they got infected too. Because the damn quarantine's were so shitty they couldn't help but put everyone in together, that means a lot of bites, a lot of blood and a lot of death. Everyone in there got sick, got crazy. Eventually after being in the same place with nowhere else to go, the Bloody Hell as the un-scientific were calling it advanced itself. They more psychotic would get ulcers, lesions and skin sores which in their crazy states of mind they would scratch, the scratches would become infected then too. The Psycho's would start complaining about pains in their bodies which would turn red and purple and swollen until you could barely recognize them as people anymore. Then the flesh would start to rip and tear like a zipper or in other cases like it was being eaten away by tiny bugs. It was horrible to watch on the news but that's all we could do, was just watch and wait for someone to fix it. Well apparently that's not all. Because some idiot felt so bad for the Psycho's that he grabbed more idiots around the world and LET. THEM. OUT. Yea, that's right. He thought it was inhumane to keep humans trapped like animals in a cage so he let them all out. Really? Inhumane? I'm pretty sure it's more inhumane to screw over the rest of the human race, but I guess I'm wrong. This is all wrong. Those Psycho's are wrong. That man was wrong. All of it...wrong.
  Now thanks to that, my story begins. The heartbreak, the fear, the death. All because some moron couldn't stand not infecting us too. All because that stupid bitch had to get on a plane. All because someone couldn't just shoot that Indian fucker in the head once he turned. All because one fucking, God damn mosquito had to live. All because I couldn't have just let them do it...Will anyone ever read this? I doubt it unless the Psycho's remember how and learn how to pick a Hello Kitty diary lock. But maybe, maybe someone will, will all be okay...maybe the noise will stop...
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Chapter 2
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