Who We Are

One and Raynovac

One Amahira - Mistress of Rainbows and Cogs

One Amahira enjoys long walks on the beach, snuggling with her dogs, and stickin' it to "The Man" (whoever that is) one pin at a time. She has been engaged in creative writing since elementry school and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in psychology. She is the visionary behind You-fic.net and is responsible for all graphical content on the site.

Raynovac - Sage of Code and Databases

Raynovac enjoys long walks on the beach, snuggling with One Amahira, and being consistently beaten in Marvel vs Capcom 3 by his friends. He has a B.S. in Computer Engineering (B.S. as in Bachelors of Science before anyone makes a comment). He is responsible for the databases and coding functionality of the site.

Firefury Amahira - Commander-in-Chief of the Forum Defense Forces

Firefury Amahira enjoys long walks on the beach, expensive sushi dinners, and very large explosions. She has a certification in web design and video game animation; and like her sister she's been writing since elementary school. She's been a forum moderator/game admin on Nationstates for over 7 years, and brings that experience as well as her web design skills to the You-Fic project.