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Number of Chapters: 1
Book Summary: Lauren Dari wanted nothing more than to be good at Potions but they tend to explode in her presence. Through her years in Hogwarts she will try to get better with the aid of One Professor Severus Snape, working to make him, her family, and herself proud. Harry Potter AU-ish, will be lacking certain character deaths. Takes place during the books. Eventual SnapeXOC TeacherXStudent
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Number of Chapters: 1
Book Summary: Akane Sachiko Igami, most often called So, has become the new Captain of the Ninth Division after the Winter War. She's looking forward to it but gets off on a rocky start when a certain colossal Captain wants to pick a fight. Will she be able to survive his advances, will they turn to something more, and who are those figures lurking in the shadows?
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